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Echo360 Lecture Capture Platform

Echo360 is Coastal Carolina University's personal lecture capture platform. Echo360 is a fantastic tool that can be used in both face-to-face classes and online classes. Echo360 allows faculty to perform personal captures from their computer and/or mobile device and record classroom lectures. It helps intructors capture moments that can improve student engagement before, during, and after class. The platform provides students with classroom discussions, presentation materials, and lectures 24/7. Echo360 also provides instructors with student analytics that shows how often students are watching videos, reviewing content, asking questions, and taking notes. In addition, Echo360 will now transcribe your multimedia, using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), when published to folder under the Courses tab in Echo360. View the ASR Instructional Guide to learn how to perform the steps needed to generate the ASR transcript and how to edit the transcript. To learn more about Echo360, please sign up for our Echo360 workshop, Encourage Active Learning in Your Course Using Echo360!

*Personal Capture is no longer being supported and needs to be updated to Universal Capture*