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Moodle LMS Resources For Faculty

Moodle Tool/Feature Request Form
Please complete the Moodle Tool/Feature Request Form to suggest the addition of new tools or features to Moodle. These suggestions will be taken into consideration, but are not guaranteed to be approved.
Moodle Enhancement Guide updates:
Moodle Version Release Date
Moodle 3.1.9 Guide Winter 2017
Moodle 3.1.6 Guide Summer 2017



Supplemental Instructional Technology Tools to Moodle
Respondus Guide Release Date
Respondus Server Guide Winter 2017
Respondus Faculty Guide Summer 2017
Respondus Student Guide Winter 2017

Moodle New Feature Call Outs: 

  • Looking for a tool that will help to keep your appointments with students organized? Click here for more information on the Scheduler Activity ‌option.
  • ‌The Student Folder‌ activity allows students to post files in the folder so that everyone in the class may access it.
  • Please also view our Accessible Best Practices for Moodle ‌ guide to ensure that all Moodle courses are accessible for all students.

Moodle Assignments:

COOL Moodle Course Templates For Faculty

The COOL department has developed two course templates for Coastal faculty that may be used at your discretion within your courses. These templates have been added automatically to the Resources area of Moodle for all online faculty members. To request copies of these templates to be added into desired courses, faculty may use the Course Request tab in Moodle. Faculty should specify in the Course Title field of this form whether they desire the Basic Moodle Template (which includes the standard textual Moodle homepage) or the Advanced Moodle Template (which includes a new graphical layout for the Moodle homepage). You may request individual elements be copied over from either template, rather than the entire template, as well. Click here for more information on Course Templates!
Please refer to the Moodle Course Templates Manual and the videos below for more information on how these templates look and function!