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Moodle is the campus' Learning Management System (LMS) used to help educators create effective online course materials. It allows instructors to create items such as documents, discussion forums, assignments, and quizzes. To access your courses in Moodle, go to To access your miscellaneous or resource sites, please visit Moodle LMS support is managed by the COOL department, meaning all Moodle support and trainings are now being offered under the Coastal Office of Online Learning. 

If you are an instructor requesting a new tool to be implemented into Moodle or another technology tool that will enhance your teaching, please complete the Tool/Feature Request Form to suggest the addition. These suggestions will be taken into consideration, but are not guaranteed to be approved. For more information on how to use Moodle, please visit the Moodle Resources Libguide for Faculty.

** To avoid storage overload in Moodle (maximum course size is 2 GB), please upload video files to Echo360 and link them in your course. You can now also save your Zoom meetings to Echo360 as well. Please visit the Saving Zoom Recordings to Echo360 to learn how to set up your meetings to do so. **

Moodle 3.6 - New Moodle Features & Options

  • Academic Honesty Tool for Quizzes - with this enabled, students have to accept an honor statement before proceeding.
  • Films on Demand - the Films on Demand resource used by Kimbel Library is now embedded in Moodle as an external tool.
  • LevelUp! - Engage your students with this gamification plugin. This plugin allows you to gamify your students' learning experience by allowing them to level up in their courses. 
  • Labster Plugin - Offers students a true-to-life science lab experience in a virtual environment.
  • Video/Audio Recording - instructors and students are now able to record video and audio directly from the toolbar editor (Atto editor)
  • Moodle Messaging/Mobile and Text Option Notifications 
  • Office 365 block in Moodle updated with Teams 
  • Ally: Ally is an accessibility tool that integrates directly into Moodle while focusing on making digital content within the course, and external files, more accessible for all students. For more information, click here.
  • New Course Layout - 3.6 offers a new course layout in a tile format. This feature is found within the Course Settings, under Course Format, makes for a very organized look and is easy to navigate.
  • New Messaging Interface - Messaging enhancements bring greater control over who can message you along with the ability to star messages and engage in group messaging.
  • Message your Groups - Enable group messaging when setting up groups and from the new messaging interface, start group conversations.
  • Record Assignment Feedback - Media and other file uploads are now permitted when grading assignments, meaning teachers can record their feedback and/or include supporting images or other files.
  • Quiz Improvements - The Drag and Drop markers question type is easier to edit Quiz statistics report has improved usability.
  • Easily find Duplicated Items - As with courses, duplicated resources are now appended with "copy" so you can easily distinguish between the original and copy.
  • Leganto - Leganto makes it easy for faculty to create and manage course reading lists in Moodle. These lists can include books, articles, and videos both from the library’s collections and around the web. Students can view the lists and access the resources in them from any device.

Read more about new features with Moodle 3.6!

COOL Moodle Course Templates For Faculty

The COOL department has developed three course templates for Coastal faculty that may be used at your discretion within your courses. These templates have been added automatically to the Resources area of Moodle for all online faculty members. To request copies of these templates to be added into desired courses, faculty may use the Course Request tab in Moodle. Faculty should specify in the Course Title field of this form whether they desire the Basic Moodle Template (which includes the traditional weekly/topics format), the Basic Moodle Template with Tiles (includes a basic tools, but is created with the new tiles format), and the Advanced Moodle Template with Tiles (which includes advanced tools and is built with the new tiles format). You may request individual elements be copied over from either template, rather than the entire template, as well. Click here for more information on Course Templates! 

Please refer to the Moodle Template Guide  for more information on how these templates look and function! 


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