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Faculty Course Mentors

Faculty Course Mentors (FCMs) have enhanced privileges in the campus' Learning Management System, Moodle. These privileges enable each of them to perform additional functions in Moodle to better serve their colleagues. FCMs are selected based on demonstrated teaching excellence with the Moodle platform, and are assigned to departments/colleges with colleagues within their disciplines or related disciplines. FCM’s are typically COOL-Certified, and oftentimes also noted as Exemplary Faculty Course Awardees. These enhanced privileges enable faculty to perform the following:

  • Adding other faculty to their own courses to show them activities
  • Exporting/importing content from your courses or theirs
  • Assisting with selecting helpful tools for teaching the online space within the Moodle LMS; showing colleagues what these tools look like; pointing them to resources 
  • Assisting with departmental/college resource sites, such as building out content or helping to export/import content, people, etc. 
  • Discussing possible solutions for pedagogical/online problems, such as a 3rd party tool you’ve used that you like (ex: Remind Texting App); submitting any new recommendations to the Moodle/Tool Request Form. 
  • Providing suggestions to COOL on items to add to our Moodle LibGuide, Academic Continuity Site, etc. 
  • Offering support and guidance and referring the faculty member to COOL when you’re unsure how to assist them (or coming to us and asking for guidance so you can assist).

Please see below for identified Faculty Course Mentors


Ross Foultz
Computing Sciences

 Headshot of Kristal Curry

Kristal Curry

 Rajandra Dahal

Rajendra Dahal
Mathematics & Statistics


Xinyi Tan
Languages and Intercultural Studies


Alexandra Knox
Visual Arts


Sarah Lozier-Laiola
English/Digital Culture & Design


Jamie Hedges
Mathematics & Statistics


Sharon Tutrone
Communication, Media and Culture


Crystal Cox
Computing Sciences

Cara Scheuer
Management and Decision Sciences

 Chanticleer illustration

Tracy Gaskin
Public Health

 Matthew Tyler

Matthew Tyler
Educational/Instructional Technologist