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Online Learning Resources

University Distance Learning Policy

To ensure the highest quality of online instruction at Coastal Carolina University, our comprehensive Distance Learning Policy document articulates specific expectations intended to maximize the academic performance of online learning students and to guide faculty in best practices for design and support of their online learning classes.

Accessibility & Usability

Accessibility Resource Guide

Starting Fall 2016, the Coastal Office of Online Learning (COOL) launched our Digital Accessibility and Universal Design Initiative at CCU. Making online courses accessible means that ALL learners can complete the same course and perform the same functions. Section 508 eliminates barriers in information technology, including online learning, and make it accessible to all people. Ensuring equal access to online learning for all students and providing them with equal access to all online content to ensure student success. The Coastal Office of Online Learning has taken on several intiatives to help ensure equal access for online learners.

Accessibility Workshop

One part is a focus on enhancing the campus community's knowledge of Universal Design and Accessibility as it relates to technology-enhanced classes and our academic spaces (digitally). In that vein, we developed a new, exciting workshop called Integration of Accessible Assignments & Activities into your Online, Hybrid, and Flex Classes. This course is currently offered by our OL Director (Sherri Restauri), who is leading the Digital Accessibility and UD initiative within the technology-enhanced course space.

CCU Affordable Learning Resource Guide

Resources for faculty on how to make learning more affordable and accessible for students.

Digital Accessibility & Universal Design, Captioning Initiative

As an integral second part of the Digital Accessibility and UD Initiative, the COOL department is pleased to announce the availability of captioning for multimedia (audio and video) as a free service to faculty members teaching online, hybrid, and flex classes. Part of making an online course accessible is captioning all multimedia that is being used. Faculty who are interested in having their multimedia captioned may complete this form to be added to the list. Please read over the ‌Guidelines for Captioning PDF. Captioning requests are completed on an as-needed basis determined by when the course is being offered next, as well as based on first-come, first-serve.

COOL is also please to provide, as part of the Captioning Initiative our Instructional Multimedia Recording Lab. The IMR lab is available on a reservation-only basis and includes an instructional computer station with lecture capture software, microphone, videocamera, and additional technologies faculty may need for recording multimedia presentations. 

For more information about the captioning initiative or to reserve the ICL, contact Jessica Mew (Hall) ( Please contact the COOL Director, Sherri Restauri (, for additional details about the Accessibility and UD Initiative at Coastal.

CCU Ally Pilot Study

Beginning Summer 2018, COOL will be hosting a Pilot Group to learn and use our newest digital accessibility tool, Ally. If you are interested in serving in our pilot group for the Summer or Fall 2018 terms, please complete all required fields in the form below.

CCU Ally Pilot Group Sign Up form

Best Practices & Innovations for Online & Hyrbid

Best Practices in Teaching Research Articles for Faculty

Looking for Best Practices in teaching, developing online and hybrid courses? COOL has developed a document that lists numerous research articles by topic of interest in OL. Check out the Online & Digital Learning Resources for Faculty

Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Campus Membership

The Coastal Office of Online Learning is proud to sponsor Coastal Carolina University's membership to the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). As a member of OLC, all CCU faculty and staff can now take advantage of great benefits and privileges. Included, is full use of the interactive OLC Quality Scorecard, which provides criteria and benchmarking tools for evaluating your online, hybrid or flex course or program.

Our membership allows access to a number of free webinars and panel discussions on online higher education topics. There are also significant opportunities for peer networking with an international community of online learning educators, and early access to research and trends in online learning. Both faculty and staff are encouraged to take advantage of all materials and opportunities available to assist with course enhancement, best practices and innovations for online teaching. For more information, visit the OLC Membership Resources page.

Online & Hybrid Course Development Process

Thinking about developing an online course? These are the recommended steps for creating a well-developed online course.

Personal Lecture Capture

Echo360 Active Learning Platform

Echo360 is Coastal Carolina University's lecture and personal capture platform. Echo360 is an active learning platform that allows for class lectures to be recorded and gives faculty the ability to perform personal captures from their computers and/or mobile devices. Echo360 can also bring high level of engagement to the classroom setting. Whether you just want to record your lectures for your students to review, or use the advance features to truly give a sense of your student knowledge on a particular subject. Echo360 is easy to use and ties seamlessly into the Moodle LMS environment. Echo also includes engaging features, such as being able to track real time analytics on your student's behavior in the classroom, search content for keywords, add notes throughout videos for study purposes, and students are able to playback captures on demand. For more information about Echo360 and how to install it, please see our Lecture Capture Resources Guide and the new Lecture Capture website.