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Instructional Tools

Kanopy | MaharaRespondusSkypeTurnitin 
Echo360 Active Learning Platform

Echo360 is Coastal Carolina University's lecture and personal capture platform. Echo360 is an active learning platform that allows for class lectures to be recorded and gives faculty the ability to perform personal captures from their computers and/or mobile devices. Echo360 can also bring high level of engagement to the classroom setting. Whether you just want to record your lectures for your students to review, or use the advance features to truly give a sense of your student knowledge on a particular subject. Echo360 is easy to use and ties seamlessly into the Moodle LMS environment. Echo also includes engaging features, such as being able to track real time analytics on your student's behavior in the classroom, search content for keywords, add notes throughout videos for study purposes, and students are able to playback captures on demand. For more information about Echo360 and how to install it, please see our Lecture Capture Best Practice Guide and the new Lecture Capture website.


Kanopy is a general streaming video collection of movies, documentaries, educational films, training films, and more. You can search by title or browse by subject and there is an app to view programs on mobile devices and TVs. Videos can be linked or embedded in Moodle. Most videos are closed captioned, however, if they are not, please visit the Kanopy Help page. 


Mahara is an e-portfolio, weblog, resume builder, and social networking system tool that connects users and allows for creating online learner communities. Mahara facilitates sharing of demonstrated life-long learning, skills, and development over time. Please see the Mahara Resource Guide for more information on utilizing Mahara in your course.

Respondus Monitor & Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus is a proctoring tool that integrates with the Learning Management System (LMS) to prevent cheating on online exams. Respondus Monitor utilizes webcam/video technology as a method to proctor online exams, whereas Respondus Lockdown Browser locks down the online test environment to prevent cheating. Currently, Coastal Carolina has a campuswide license for both tools. For more information on using Respondus in your course, please contact

Skype for Business 

The Microsoft Office 365 suite at CCU now provides faculty, staff, and students with access to Skype for Business (S4B). S4B is a cloud based server communication platform that enables messaging, conferencing, online meetings, and colloboration on-campus and off-campus. Please see the Skype for Business Resource Guide  on how to install S4B and the funtionality of it. For more information on additional tools available through Office365, please visit the Office 365 Tools and Assistance site. 


Turnitin is designed around empowering you and your students by giving you the information and the tools needed for efficient submission and marking process. Improvements to accessibility, responsiveness, and navigation are all designed to help you build better writers with an emphasis on integrity. Please see the Turnitin User Manual on how to use Turnitin in Moodle. If you plan to use Turnitin in your course, please feel free to share this tutorial as a resource for students when using the tool.

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