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Training Workshops

The Coastal Office of Online Learning is now offering several workshops to enhance your knowledge in the ability to offer high-quality and high-value online courses. The following workshops are currently being offered by COOL.

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Online Training Workshops

1.) Using Best Practices to Update Your Online Learning Course

This online course covers 5 core modules of best practices relating to online courses and is geared towards faculty currently teaching in an online environment. The core modules discussed include best practices and updated guidelines and research in the following 5 core areas:

  • Organization
  • Accessibility & Usability
  • Presence & Engagement
  • Online Collaboration
  • Individual and Peer Assessment

Summer 2018: Launches May 14 and will run through August 3 (register at anytime between those dates)

2.) QAI Online

This course is a required course for all COOL Course Development (CD) and Course Enhancement Grant (CEG) awardees, and is also open to other faculty interested in learning more about the official quality assessment tool used at Coastal for online and hybrid course reviews, the Quality Assessment Inventory (QAI). The course is a 6-week asynchronous online course containing 9 short learning modules. Faculty may enroll at any point and work at their own pace.

Summer 2018: Launches May 14 and will run through August 3 (register at anytime between those dates)

3.) Personal Lecture Capture for Online/Hybrid Classes

This online workshop covers the basics of personal lecture capture, from installation and usage of the software to examples of best practices in recording multimedia for online and hybrid courses. This workshop is a requirement for all COOL Course Development (CD) grant awardees, and is also open to all faculty interested in learning more about personal lecture capture for their courses. This session is asynchronous and contains 5 short learning modules. Faculty may enroll at any time during the workshop's enrollment period and will work at their own pace. All faculty completing this course will receive a Moodle completion badge.

Summer 2018: Launches May 14 and will run through August 3 (register at anytime between those dates)

4.) 10 Principles of Effective Online Teaching

This session will look at ten principles of effective online teaching. You may have attended sessions on online course design, now learn about barriers and limitations along with strategies to be effective in teaching in the online environment.

Summer 2018: Launches June 4 and will run through July 9 (register at anytime between those dates)

Hybrid Training Workshops

1.) Blended/Hybrid Workshop

This hybrid course is a 10 week workshop that allows faculty to learn teaching strategies for developing a hybrid course. This workshop will run over a period of 10 weeks with the culminating project due after the completion of the course.

Participants will:

  • Describe a blended/hybrid course
  • Identify various hybrid learning theories
  • Participate in the various activities and tools provided in the course
  • Develop a list of tools to incorporate into a course design plan
  • Create a redesigned face-to-face course into a hybrid course or create a new hybrid course

Face-to-Face Workshops

1.) Integration Of Accessible Assignments & Activities Into Your Online, Hybrid, and Flex Courses

This face-to-face course provides an overview of the many tools and services available to Coastal's faculty members for developing accessible assignments and activities for your classes. This workshop will examine the tools that allow you to bring your online, hybrid, or mixed methods (flex) class to students with varying learning needs. It will also discuss alternative teaching, class development, and class management techniques for faculty with needed instructional accommodations.

 2.) Best Practices For A Strong, Reusable Framework For An Online Learning Course

In this session, participants will use instructional design techniques to organize their online learning course in the Moodle LMS. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will have hands-on experience using a few key design and layout tools in Moodle to better enhance their online learning course. This course is recommended for faculty teaching online, hybrid, and traditional, as all techniques discussed are generalizable to other course formats and wills strengthen your course design.

Participants will:

  • View and discuss sample course disgns, including Moodle Basic & Advance Templates, developed by COOL
  • Add Labels, Pages, and Books in Moodle as content placeholder tools for our course
  • Add blocks to simplify navigation for your students, and to make a more visually appealing course