Echo360 FAQs for Students - Coastal Carolina University
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Echo360 FAQ's for Students'

1. How to login to Echo?
Go to and sign-in with your Coastal email and password. If it appears that you do not have an account set-up, please reach out to your instructor. 

2. How do I view my course in Echo?
To access your course in Echo, the instructor will have a link in your Moodle course. If for some reason there is not a link or the link is not working, go to and on the left side you should see My Courses. Click the course that you would like to view. 

3. Using the Echo360 Mobile App
The mobile app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Universal. The app allows you to record videos, view videos shared from your instructor, review presentations, etc. 

 4. How do I answer and post questions to an Echo video that my instructor has posted?
Please watch the tutorial on how to post questions, answer questions, view the transcript, etc. 

For more information on Echo360, please view the Echo360 FAQ's for Students'