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For Community Partners

The survivor speaker at Relay for Life 2017.‌Thank you for your interest in partnering and working with CCU. We would love to partner with you and help connect you to the rest of our campus community for any short-term or long-term opportunities.  The possibilities of partnerships are endless. Following are a few highlights of how community partners have worked with CCU in the past:

  • CCU students, faculty, and staff have raised more than $900,000 toward the American Cancer Society since the first CCU Relay for Life event in 2007.
  • In partnership with Catholic Charities–Pee Dee, 150 households benefited from the baskets that departments, student organizations, and individual CCU members have sponsored through the biannual Setting the Table program. 
  • Three Swain Scholars gathered information on public perceptions about individuals experiencing homelessness and plan to compare public opinion findings with real data collected through personal interviews. These scholars presented their research at the 21st annual Posters on the Hill, an annual research competition sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research held in Washington, D.C

If you would like to partner with us or need some volunteers, please start by filling out our Request for Volunteers Form for Community Partners and Non-Profit Organizations.

A representative from the Civic Engagement team will follow-up with you after you submit the request form. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly at  

Weekly List Serv

Civic Engagement send outs a weekly list serv of service opportunities to students, staff, and faculty who ask to join our list serv every Tuesday. Please submit your request through the form on Mondays no later than 9 a.m. so that we have enough time to promote your opportunity.

Annual Community Partner Database

Civic Engagement reaches out to community partners annually to update the Community Partner Database that students have to access. This database is available to students, faculty, and staff looking for long-term opportunities. We usually reach out to community partners in late August and early September to update our database. If you have a change in contact at your organization or non-profit mid-year, please email and we will make the change in our database.

Connect with Faculty

Interested in working with faculty or a class of students? We love to connect you with our faculty members. Please contact Robert Bulsza, director of internships and service learning, at with your request. We also host a biannual Campus and Community Research Collaborative event. This is a great networking opportunity for community partners and faculty and staff at CCU to identify potential partnerships.   

Starting a New Partnership with CCU

Interested in forming a service-learning partnership at Coastal Carolina University? Please complete CCU's Memorandum of Understanding and return to Robert Bulzsa in the Career Services Center.