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CINO Ignite

CINO Ignite is a weekend leadership retreat that hopes to ignite a revolution of sophomore students who will step forward as outstanding leaders on campus. After being nominated by a faculty or staff member, students can apply to participate in CINO Ignite.

The weekend retreat will take place at the Ft. Caswell Retreat and Conference Center on Oak Island, North Carolina. The 40 students who attend CINO Ignite will be challenged to learn from each other and become stronger leaders who can impact Coastal’s campus as they continue through their academic careers.

Participants are able to explore and reflect on who they are, what identities they hold, what some of their personal values are, and what impact their actions have on the world.

Previous participants had this to say about CINO Ignite:

  • “CINO Ignite has been one of my best experiences at Coastal. It's amazing to be surrounded by so many people who have the same determination and motivation to make an impact on Coastal's campus. I left CINO Ignite feeling closer to my family, and the other students, than I ever would have imagined. So grateful to be a part of something so amazing!”
  • “CINO Ignite was an amazing experience to go through. It's for sure a great way to meet new people, and take those influences from your peers to pass on to others.”
  • “I really loved CINO Ignite and this experience has changed my life. I met some really great individuals who are now my family and I believe I’m becoming a better person because of this experience.”
  • “This was my best weekend at Coastal since I enrolled. We all have a bond now and we have so much love and respect for each other – including our differences.”

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