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CINO Elevate

CINO Elevate is Coastal Carolina University's junior-level mentorship/leadership program. Students are paired with faculty/staff mentors based on a number of factors, including but not limited to outside interests, career goals, academic guidance, general beliefs, etc. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet at least once a week to get to know one another, discuss what is happening in the student's life, what guidance they need, or just to catch up. Pairings are provided with a CINO Elevate Guidebook (PDF) that gives discussion topics for each week. It is not required that pairings use this guidebook, but it is suggested, especially at the beginning of the pairing.

This program provides an opportunity for students to get to know another faculty/staff member at CCU, allows them to confide in someone that has "been there before," and to take the next step in understanding what life after college will be. Additionally, faculty and staff are given the opportunity to work with a student they may not have met before and make an impact on someone who is in a pivotal year in their college career. 

All juniors/third-year students are encouraged to participate in the program, no matter their major, GPA, involvement, etc. Additionally, any faculty/staff are welcome to participate, no matter their position at the University.

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