2020 Virtual OK Day - Coastal Carolina University
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Fall 2020 Virtual OK Day

This fall's Organization Kickoff Day (OK Day) is going virtual!  Due to social distancing guidelines and the current restrictions of groups meeting in person, fall 2020 OK Day will be held virtually on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, from 10am - 3pm.

While this will look and feel a bit different than in previous semesters, the virtual fair will still allow your group to talk to prospective new members live during the event, as well as allowing you to upload a video about your group to your main Coastal Connections Page that can be accessed at any time.

Before you sign-up for the Virtual OK Day, you will need to:

  • Confirm that your group's contact information is correct on Coastal Connections.  To do this, log onto Coastal Connections and go to your group's page.  On the main page click "Contact."  This will send you to a page where you can send a message to your group's primary contact.  On the right side of this page, you will see your primary contact who will receive this message
  • If your primary contact is not correct, click "Manage Organization" and then click the three-line drop-down menu. Click "roster" and you will be able to change your group's primary contact on this page.
  • Be ready to be live! This year's virtual fair allows the capability for groups to have a live video chat link (Zoom, Teams, etc.).  The idea is that students that are interested can click a button and talk to current members of the group just as they would if we were on Prince Lawn and they approached your table.  If this is a feature your group wants to use, you will need to create a video chat link that will be open Tuesday, August 25 from 10am - 3pm.

To sign up and prepare for the Fall 2020 Virtual OK Day, you will need to:

  • Go to Coastal Connections and then click onto your group's page.  Click "Manage Organization" in the top right-hand corner (only executive board members will be able to see this button). Click the "Sign-Up" button for the Upcoming Virtual Fair Event.
  • When you click this button, it will prompt you to write a BRIEF (no more than 200 characters) description of your organization.  Additionally, you will copy and paste the link to your video chat that you created above if you choose to have members "attending" the fair live.
  • If you choose not to have members live on a video chat during the fair, you can leave this link space blank.  On the day of the fair, a "Contact" button will appear and attendees will be able to email your primary contact only.  Ideally, you would have 1 or more current members live, as you would on a traditional, in-person OK Day.

Make your Coastal Connections page more interesting!

Attendees of the Virtual Fair will also be led to look at your group's Coastal Connections Page. Now is the time to tell the world what your group is about! You can embed a video into your Coastal Connections page directly onto the front page of your Coastal Connections profile, update the photos on your page to show highlights of your group, and make sure your page is inviting and gives potential members all the information that they need.