Student Organization Travel - Coastal Carolina University
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Student Organization Travel Process

Below are the proper procedures for student organization travel. For questions or concerns regarding these processes, email

Is Your Organization Traveling?

Regardless of distance, time, the number of students going, etc.

 For ALL travel, groups must create an event on Coastal Connections (same process as reserving a space/room on campus)

  • Log onto Coastal Connections with your personal CCU login.
  • Go to your group’s page via the Coastal Connections home page or by searching for the group.
  • Click the “Manage Organization” button in the top right-hand corner of your screen
  • Using the “hamburger menu” on the top left-hand side of your screen (three parallel lined drop-down menu), select the events option.
  • Click the “Create Event” button on the top right-hand side of the screen.
  • Enter the trip title, the theme of the travel, description (this is public), start and end date, as well as the trip start and end time. In the location line, enter the location you will be traveling to.
  • You may enter a photo or flyer for your travel, this is optional. Click either “skip” or “next” once you are finished on this page
  • Click the “Student Organization” option and then click “next.”
  • Estimate how many individuals will be traveling with your group.
  • Complete the questions on the next page. For event location, type “off-campus event” and for set up/tear-down time, type in none.
  • Continue to fill out the form with your answers. Ensure that you say “yes” when asked if the travel will include off-campus travel.
  • Complete the travel form to the best of your ability. Click “next.”

MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON! Without clicking this, your travel request will not be processed.


If any of the following conditions apply, additional paperwork must be completed

Travel that is 50+ miles away from Coastal Carolina University’s main campus and/or the travel is overnight.
If personal vehicles are being used AND the trip is 50+ miles away from Coastal Carolina University’s main campus.
If the advisor of the organization is not traveling with the group AND the trip is 50+ miles away from Coastal Carolina University’s main campus.

If there are any questions regarding travel for student organizations and/or any of these forms, please email