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Transfer Orientation

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All transfer students starting in the Fall of 2016 are required to attend a one-day Transfer Orientation program during the month of July.

A transfer student is defined as any student who has earned 24 or more college credits after graduating from high school. If you have fewer than 24 earned credits, you will attend a New Student Orientation session.

The dates for Transfer Orientation are August 18.

While at Orientation, transfer students will receive their CINO Card, meet with representatives from their academic college, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Student Life and many others.‌ Students will also learn what it means to be a student at CCU, ways to get involved on campus, and traditions of the University. Transfer students will also have the opportunity to meet other transfer students who will be enrolling at Coastal, as well as current University students.

Sessions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once a session is at capacity, no more students will be able to register for it. Please do not make travel arrangements until you register for your session.

Once you register for the one-day Transfer Orientation, you will receive a confirmation in the mail within a few weeks. Make sure you read the brochure in full. You may also contact your academic adviser and go ahead and register for your Fall 2016 classes. To determine your adviser, check here and scroll to your major. Make sure to ask your adviser to call New Student and Family Programs at 843-349-2027 and let us know you are going to pre-register for your classes so that we can lift your Orientation hold.

‌‌Check-in for Transfer Orientation will be in the HTC Student Recreation and Convocation Center beginning at 7:45 a.m. The HTC Center is number 38 on the CCU Campus Map.

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Next Steps

  1. Register for your session online. Please note that you must pay the $100 enrollment deposit before you can register for Orientation. The fee for Transfer Orientation is $90 per student and $20 per family member and/or guest. A written confirmation will be mailed 7-10 business days after registration is received. Orientation Fees are non-refundable.       
  2. Send your transcripts. Most academic departments begin working on students' class schedules prior to Orientation. In order to assure students are being placed in the correct courses, it is important that all final transcripts are received prior to Orientation.
  3. Submit your CINO Card photo. Go to the CINO Card website and upload a photo of yourself BEFORE Orientation. Once you do so, you will be able to pick up your CINO Card as soon as you check-in for Orientation at 7:30 a.m.
  4. Financial Aid Information: Ensure Financial Aid is in order prior to Orientation by following these helpful steps: Financial Aid Checklist.
  5. Make sure you are ready for your Transfer Orientation. Read the confirmation which was mailed to you and watch this video for an overview of what to expect.
  6. Travel to Coastal for New Student Orientation. Here are helpful directions and a campus map.
  7. Attend Orientation.
  8. Complete the New Student Checklist: After you attend New Student Orientation, make sure you complete all the items on the New Student Checklist. If you would like, you can get a head start on it now.