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Event Planning in Five Simple Steps

Step 1: Determine the kind of event and where it will occur
Step 2: Determine what you will need for the event to take place
Step 3: Reserve the space via 25Live
Step 4: Complete the appropriate links
Step 5: Register and market the event via Coastal Connections

The following links will help you register your event:

(more information can be found in the Student Organization Handbook)

Reserve space on 25Live »

Organizations must use their approved organization email account to log in to this site. If you are unsure of the username and password for your organization email please contact an involvement specialist at or 843-349-2724.

Coastal Connections Marketing »

All on campus events must be registered on coastal connections. If you want your events marketed on the site, please make sure to include a flyer or image when registering.

Facilities Request Form »

For all events on campus that require a setup by facilities this form must be completed. This includes electricity outdoors, tables and chairs, trash and recycle outdoors, etc.

Fundraiser Approval Form »

For all events where money or gifts are raised or collected, this form must be completed. This includes asking off campus businesses for donations of gifts or prizes.

Alcohol Event Request Form

All organizations must submit this form if they wish to have an off campus event with alcohol. This includes meetings or events hosted at a venue that serves alcohol.