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The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services (OSPRS) offers assistance to Principal Investigators (PIs) and Co-Investigators (COIs) regarding administrative and financial aspects of an approved sponsored project.

After the OSPRS receives a Notice of Award from a sponsor, the PI will be provided a CCU Account ID created specifically for the funding, and all pertinent award documents.

It is the duty of the PI to properly implement the grant or contract.

Per CCU policy, faculty, staff and students are NOT authorized to (re)negotiate any awards/contracts.
The OSPRS is the only authorized entity to negotiate externally funded awards/contracts on behalf of the University.

If you have any questions on managing an external award, please contact OSPRS.

PI Award Management Responsibilities:

  • Review and abide by the sponsor's terms and conditions
  • Comply with all State, University and sponsor policies and procedures
  • Initiate project-related transactions (purchasing supplies, equipment or services)
  • Follow HREO requirements for all grant-related staffing needs
  • Maintain allocated project funds within the sponsor-approved budget
  • Complete and submit required performance/technical reports to the sponsor

Award Closeout

The OSPRS will send PIs a 90-Day Notification before the scheduled end date of a project.
PIs should immediately initiate any Award Modifications, if necessary.
It is crucial that PIs work with the OSPRS as early as possible to address potential changes to the project or budget.

Please note: Most sponsors do not allow no-cost extensions (NCE) or budget adjustments once the project end date has passed.

PI Award Closeout Responsibilities:

  • Review account balance for accuracy
  • Process final expenditures
  • Complete all project deliverables
  • Prepare and submit all required final performance/technical reports

The OSPRS and Grants Accounting will coordinate with the funding agency to finalize all fiscal processes for the award.

Any over-expenditures on the grant account must be compensated by the PI’s department.

The OSPRS will send a Closeout Notification to the PI on the project end date.


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