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Award Modification

All requests to modify details of a funded project or to extend an award's end date must be processed through the OSPRS.

Often, significant alterations to an award will require prior approval from the funding agency, and each sponsor will have individual rules.

Typical prior approval scenarios:

Change in PI/personnel or reduction of PI time on project

» Appointing a substitute PI
» PI is absent from project for three (3) or more months
» PI time commitment reduced by 25 percent or more
» Changes in key personnel

Variation in scope of work (SOW) or project objectives

Altering the approved budget
For more details, please see the Award Budget page.

No-cost Extension (NCE)

» Most funding agencies require NCE requests at least 30 days prior to the project end date.
   Timing may vary depending on sponsor.
» Many sponsors will not approve extensions to simply spend remaining funds.
   The NCE must justify a need for additional time to complete project activities.

**To begin any award modifications, a PI must complete the Grant Change Request form (.pdf) and submit to the OSPRS.


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