COVID-19 and Human Subject Research - Coastal Carolina University
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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) and Human Subject Research at Coastal Carolina University (as of May 2020)


Guidance for Researchers

Enacting Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for Social Distancing 

Given the rapidly evolving circumstances regarding COVID-19 and Coastal Carolina University's continued commitment to the health and safety of faculty, staff, students and the greater community, the Institutional Research Board (IRB) and the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services (OSPRS), have issued the following revised standards related to research involving human subjects. Please be aware that further restrictions may be implemented based on recommendations from State or Federal authorities. Please access the Coastal COVID-19 webpage for more general updates for the university. 

IRB Operations

CCU's IRB is available remotely without interruption for review and approval of all new protocols, amendments and requests for continuing review. New, amended or ongoing studies that involve face-to-face interaction that cannot follow the current social distancing guidance will not be approved.

Ongoing Human Subject Research

Ongoing research that does not require face-to-face interaction can proceed uninterrupted.

Ongoing research that requires face-to-face interaction may only continue if CDC Guidance for Social Distancing can be followed. As such, all human participant research that involves specimen collection is suspended at this time. All interactions must follow guidance based the recommendations of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) and the CDC, which emphasize the importance of practicing disease prevention measures and following recommendations for social distancing to protect the health and safety of all South Carolinians. 

Submitting an Amendment

If your research can continue by a transition from face-to-face interaction to remote interaction, prior to implementing any changes, please submit a protocol amendment form to 

The following information should be included:

  • New mode of contact (ex: phone, Zoom, Skype, etc.);
  • How contact information will be kept separate from research data;
  • Whether the audio/video will be recorded, and how it will be stored (protected);
  • Assurance that recordings will be deleted after being transcribed (if applicable); and
  • Assurance that all recordings, transcriptions and other data collected can still be stored securely.
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