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Pamela L Martin Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation Georgetown RISE UN Youth Corps 
Ariana Baker Partnership Among SC Academic Libraries (PASCAL) Leveraging Leganto: Promoting Ex Libris Reading Lists to CCU Faculty
Carissa A Medeiros Federal Emergency Management Agency Housing Indoor Warning/Mass Notification System
Carissa A Medeiros Federal Emergency Management Agency Coastal Carolina University Facility Emergency Signage & Education Campaign
Sheena Kauppila University of Utah subaward (Institute for Higher Education Policy) Degrees When Due
Carissa A Medeiros US Department of Education Emergency Assistance to Institutions of Higher Education
Anthony Setari Holy Cross Faith Memorial Episcopal Church Georgetown County Food Resources Gap Analysis Project
Richard Viso University of Rhode Island An Integrated Observational and Modeling Approach to Estimation of the Groundwater Contribution to the Water and Nutrient Budgets in Coastal Environments: Case Studies from Narragansett Bay and ...
Derek Crane Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Quantifying Catch-and-Release Mortality and Determining its Effect on Southern Muskellunge
Monica Gray
Jennifer Mokos
Adriane Sheffield
EPSCoR SAN Program Broadening Participation in Engineering: A Research Experience for High School Students and Teachers Approach
Paul T Gayes Horry County Higher Education Commission Amplification of the Burroughs and Chapin Center for Marine and Wetland Studies Observation-Modeling-Technology Initiatives in Support of University and Community Interests and Needs
Alli Crandell,
Scott Mann
Horry County Higher Education Commission Immersive Histories of Horry County Gullah Geechee Sites
Aneilya Barnes Horry County Higher Education Commission Prince Fellows Program
Taylor Damonte Horry County Higher Education Commission Clay Brittain Jr. Center for Resort Tourism
Katie Maddox (Graduate Student) Georgia Ornithological Society Foraging Success and Nest Predation in Loggerhead Shrikes of Two Habitats in Northeastern South Carolina
Robert Young National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration The South Carolina Marine Mammal Stranding Network: Stranding Response and Enhanced Diagnostic Testing
Till Hanebuth Georgetown County  Feasibility Study - Developing a Strategy to Overcome Georgetown Harbor Silting- Ph. II
Paul T Gayes Synoptic National Mesonet Program
Wes Hitt NASA (College of Charleston) Space Grant Campus Director
Alli Crandell National Park Service Preservation of the Sandy Island School
Erin E Hackett Office of Naval Research Influence of Horizontal Inhomogeneity of Refractivity Vertical Profiles on Electromagnetic Measurements in Application to Refractivity Inversions
Pam Martin
Anthony Setari
Black River United Way Sustainable Development and Literacy Project
Michael Benson US Department of Education Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students under the CARES Act- Student portion
Michael Benson US Department of Education Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students under the CARES Act- Institutional portion
Shaowu Bao National Science Foundation RUI: Traveling Planetary-Scale Waves during Major Stratospheric Sudden Warming
Zhixiong Shen National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: P2C2: Extreme Floods on the Lower Mississippi River in the Context of Late Holocene Climatic Variability
Keith R Walters North Myrtle Beach Oyster Mitigation Monitoring Plan for Cherry Grove Canal Dredging Project
Vladislav Gulis National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Headwater Stream Networks in a Warming World: Predicting Heterotrophic Ecosystem Function Using Theory, Multi-scale Temperature Manipulations and Modeling
Shaowu Bao National Science Foundation RAPID: Collaborative Research: Sensing and Modeling Infrastructure for Storm Surge Monitoring and Forecasting in Coastal Zones
Alli Crandell National Historical Publications and Records Commission Gullah Geechee Digital Project
Russell Fielding Animal Welfare Institute Whaling in St. Vincents and the Grenadines: a Public Health Research Study Plan
Elizabeth Carter Walmart Foundation LiveWell
Paul T Gayes SECOORA Delivering actionable coastal and ocean information from high-quality science observations for the Southeast
Paul T Gayes Horry County and City of North Myrtle Beach 2021-2022 Beach Erosion Studies
David Roper SC Department of Public Safety Body-worn Camera Fund
Brandon Palmer SC Humanities SC History Day 2021-2022
Robert Young National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  Stranding Response and Diagnostic Testing for the SC Mammal Stranding Network
Anthony Setari
Jacqueline Kurlowski
The Village Group The Village Group and WIC: A Case Study for National Policy Development
Arianna Trapp (student) M.K. Pentecost Ecology Fund at the Savannah Presbytery Public opinion and knowledge of marine biodiversity in a coastal environment
Zhixiong Shen National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Interactions between Incipient Continental Rifting, Fluvial Systems, and Regional Climate in Southern Africa: The Okavango-Makgadikgadi Complex, Botswana
Kimberly Hale
Drew Kurlowsi
Michael Promisel
Jack Miller Center The Cincinnatus Center
Rumiya Ableeva CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Developing a Computerized Dynamic Assessment of Language Proficiency: the case of listening comprehension and Russian morphology
Steven Bleicher CCU Professional Enhancement Grant The Harriet Tubman Byway
Stephen Borders CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Department of Health Sciences Student Consulting Center
Jennifer Boyle CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Digital Media Ecologies and Manuscript Studies: Documenting Practices of Open Educational Resources and Digital Cultural Memory Projects.
Drew Budner CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Determination of the chemical contribution of hemp to beer aroma.
Adam Chamberlain CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Lobbying in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries:  A View from the States
Mary Kate Clary CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Human Remains in Museums: Research and Fieldwork for Manuscript
F. Eliza Glaze CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Medicine in the Making: Hippocrates and Galen at Monte Cassino and early Salerno
Monica Gray CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Broadening Participation in Engineering: A Research Experiences for Engineering Undergraduates Approach
George Wesley Hitt CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Separation and Sorting of Marine Microplastic Pollution with “MOV-YY Channel”: A (M)icrofluidic (O)peration and (V)isualization station with a (YY-Channel) Microfluidic Chip
Jakob Lauver CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Acute Physiological and Perceptional Responses to Unilateral versus Bilateral Walking with Blood Flow Restriction
Corey Lee,
Sherri Restauri
CCU Professional Enhancement Grant The development of Chinese version of eLearnReady and improvement of the existing survey to better meet a diverse group of users' needs, including expansion into a foreign market
Victoria Pickett CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Proximity: into smaller parts
Michael Jeffrey Rich CCU Professional Enhancement Grant The Watershed Project: Clean Drinking Water for Togo
Sara Rich CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Shipwreck Hauntography: Underwater Ruins and the Uncanny
Jamia Thomas-Richmond,
Joe Winslow,
Alex Fegely
CCU Professional Enhancement Grant TREAT (Training Educators in Assistive Technologies)
Benjamin Sota CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Theater, Puppetry, Dance, and Traditional Pedagogies: Interweaving Knowledge, Performance and Lifeways in Indonesian Communities of Bali Indonesia
Xinyi Tan CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Thinking Beyond the Migrant Text: Transcultural Tales by Contemporary Québécois Writers
Leslie Wallace CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Chinese Representations of Falconry
Ryan Yoder CCU Professional Enhancement Grant Assessment of adult brain damage following early hypoxia in leopard geckos
Daniel Abel CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Heart Function in Great White and Other Sharks 
Michelle Barthet CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Identification of a novel intron splicing complex in the chloroplast of rice 
Andrew Busch CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  "High Tech Texas: Public institutions, Regional Economic Development, and the Myth of the Free Market" 
Charles Clary CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Memento Morididdle: A Contemporary Take on the Art of Memento Mori 
Derek Crane CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Use of oxytetracycline in fisheries science: we are still learning after nearly 60 years  
Russell Fielding CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Breadfruit Cultivation in Hawai'i 
Timothy Fischer CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Recording Full Length Album "The Low Country Sessions" 
Justin Guilkey CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Hemodynamic Responses during Aerobic Blood Flow Restriction Exercise at Different Percentages of Limb Occlusion Pressure 
Christopher Gunn CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  The War Within: Violence & Military Rule in Argentina and Turkey, 1971-1983 
Juli Harding CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Fish growth rates as a tool to evaluate warming water effects in southeastern estuaries 
Hsing-Wen Hu CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Using High-Quality Supportive Workshops to Help New Graduated Teacher Candidates Integrate TPACK into Mathematics Classrooms 
Richard Kilroy CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Forging New Security Institutions in Mexico 
Catharina Middleton,
Heather Hagan
CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Learning to Teach Indigenous South Carolina History Through Inquiry and Primary Sources 
Rhonda Miller  CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Content Acquisition Podcast Library 
Meghan O'Connor  CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Casting Fingers, Casting Blame? 
Shari Orisich  CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  "Daughters of the Revolution Speak: Girls and Girlhood in Cuba, 1952-1970" 
Tripthi Pillai,
Becky Childs 
CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Storytelling and Critical Applied Narrative (SCAN) Certificate Development Project 
Michael Promisel CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22 From Dissertation to Book Proposal: Prudence and Political Leadership 
Sara Rich  CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  SciArt Field School 
Jessica Richardson  CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Seeding Climate Narratives: Novel Research and Beyond 
Paul Richardson  CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Perceived stress levels and its impact on bacteriophage presence in the human population at Coastal Carolina University 
Eric Schultz  CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Debut album recording and release: Eric Schultz, clarinet 
Catherine Scott  CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Beyond the Montessori Classroom: Examining How Teachers Use Online Instruction in Montessori Mathematics 
Brianna Thomas  CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  The effects of color on students' interpretation and retention of multiple representations in introductory mechanics (pilot study) 
Nicole Uphold  CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Special Education Teachers’ Views of Community-Based Instruction 
Misti Williams  CCU Professional Enhancement Grant '21-'22  Public Relations Society of America Membership and Certificate in Digital Communication 
Derek Crane SC Department of Natural Resources Recruitment and growth of juvenile Atlantic and Shortnose sturgeons in the Waccamaw/Pee Dee River system
Robert Pellerin SC Department of Public Safety Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) Program
Russell Fielding University of Washington (Nippon Foundation) Ocean Nexus Nippon Foundation Project
Jamia Thomas-Richmond SC Dept of Education SC-CREATE
Varavut Limpasuvan National Science Foundation Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Assignment
Gary Schmidt US Dept of Education Building Collaborative Area Studies through an Interdisciplinary Language Resource Center (ILRC)
Paul T Gayes, Len Pietrafesa and Shaowu Bao Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC (US DOE) Sea Breeze Research
Allison Crandell Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation Plantersville Cultural Collaborative
Robert Pellerin Office of the SC Attorney General Law Enforcement Victim Advocate
Zhixiong Shen National Science Foundation 2018 Hurricane Season RAPID Collaborative Research: Utilizing the Hurricane Michael Event Layer for Developing a Paleo-Tempestite Archive in Strandplain Swales, St. Vincent Island, Florida
Gary Schmidt SC Humanities Children of Our Time: African American and Jewish Lamentations and Longings 
Molly Takacs  Savannah Presbytery MK Pentecost Ecology Fund Abundance and growth of juvenile Atlantic and Shortnose sturgeons in the Winyah Bay System
Doug Van Hoewyk National Science Foundation EAGER: RUI: The Physiology and Nitrogen Assimilatory Pathway of Spanish Moss in Response to Increased Nitrogen
Paul Gayes,
Keith Walters
The Nature Conservancy Boyd Living Shoreline Monitoring
Nicholas Harmon National Science Foundation RUI: Investigating Spin Currents from Nuclear Field Gradients
Angelos Hannides,
Rich Viso
Horry County, North Myrtle Beach and Briarcliffe Acres Water Level and Water Quality Monitoring in Whitepoint Swash
Angelos Hannides,
Rich Viso
Horry County Water Level and Water Quality Monitoring in Singleton Swash
Will Jones Los Alamos National Laboratory HPC Scheduler Resilience Research 
Pamela Martin Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation Georgetown RISE UN Youth Corps (years 4-6)
Lauren Stefaniak National Science Foundation RUI: Development and application of genomic resources for ascidian taxonomy and holobiont evolution
Derek Crane NC Wildlife Resource Commission Estimating population size and age distribution of Muskellunge in French Broad River
Will Ambrose National Science Foundation Research Networking Activities in Support of Sustained Coordinated Observation of Arctic Change
Roi Gurka National Science Foundation and US-Israel Binational Science Foundation The biomechanics of long-distance flight in large beetles: do smaller individuals fly better? 





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