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Please click on a College below to view area-specific OSPRS funding opportunities. In each section you will find a link to the most current PDF of our Grant Opportunities Newsletter.

The newsletters contain brief descriptions of the funding opportunity, the funding agencies, application due dates, and links to external grant sites where more information can be found.

Please contact OSPRS if you are interested in applying for any of the opportunities listed. We are ready and happy to help you through the proposal and application process.



Not finding a program that fits your particular project idea?  Check our Search for Funding page for a list of funding agencies that may have additional opportunities available.




Wall College of Business 

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - Wall College of Business - APR 2021



Spadoni College of Education

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - Spadoni College of Education - APR 2021



Edwards College of the Humanities and Fine Arts

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - Humanities and Fine Arts - APR 2021




Gupta College of Science 


Department of Biology

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - Biology - APR 2021



Department of Chemistry

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - Gupta College of Science - Chemistry - APR 2021



Department of Computing Science

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - Computing Science - APR 2021



Department of Health Sciences

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - College of Science - Health Sciences - APR 2021



Department of Kinesiology

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - Gupta College of Science - Kinesiology - APR 2021



Department of Mathmatics and Statistics 

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - Mathematics and Statistics - APR 2021



Department of Physics and Engineering Science

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - Physics and Engineering Science - APR 2021



Department of Psychology

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - Gupta College of Science - Psychology - APR 2021



Department of Recreation and Sport Management

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - Recreation and Sport Management - APR 2021



School of the Coastal Environment

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - School of the Coastal Environment - APR 2021



Department of Sociology

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - Gupta College of Science - Sociology - APR 2021



HTC Honors College and Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

OSPRS Grant Opportunities - HTC Honors College - APR 2021



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