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Coastal Carolina University is committed to the creation and dissemination of knowledge for the public good. This knowledge, sometimes referred to as intellectual property, often needs to be protected.

The University's Intellectual Property Policy defines and addresses the rights to intellectual property and the intended or unintended access to such property, as well as ownership, compensation, copyrights and use of revenue derived from such property.

All faculty, staff, students and visitors at the University who contribute as inventors or creators in the development of intellectual property, in which the University may have an interest, should review the Intellectual Property Policy and promptly notify the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services of such involvement.

Technology Transfer

Coastal Carolina University encourages participation by faculty, staff and students in scholarly research and creative activities that generate knowledge, support and enhance teaching, and is consistent with its public service mission to contribute to the economic development of South Carolina.

While research conducted by the University is aimed primarily at creation, discovery and dissemination of knowledge, rather than profit from commercial application, the University recognizes that public benefit may result from commercial applications of technology developed with University resources.

The University seeks, through adoption of these policies and procedures, to balance the interests of the public, the University and respective inventor(s), author(s) or artist(s) in intellectual property arising from activities conducted by employees and students.

Contact the Director of the OSPRS, Stephanie Cassavaugh, at 843-349-5030 to learn more about the process of transferring technology and innovation from Coastal Carolina University's campus to the general public.

Revenue Sharing

The University shall share technology transfer revenue that it receives from patents or inventions with the inventors. Specific provisions of grants or contracts may govern rights and revenue distribution regarding inventions crafted in connection with sponsored  research; consequently, revenues the University receives from such inventions may be exclusive of payments of royalty shares to sponsors or contractors.

Moreover, the University may contract with outside persons or organizations for the obtaining, managing and defending of patents. Any expenses incurred for  the services of such persons or organizations, as well as any and all incremental expenses incurred by the University in obtaining and maintaining patents and/or in marketing, licensing and defending patents or licensable inventions, shall be deducted before the University distributes revenues.

Applicable laws, regulations or provision of grants or contracts may, however, require that a lesser share be paid to the inventor. In the case of co-inventors, each percentage share described in this paragraph as due a sole inventor shall be subdivided equally among the co-inventors, unless all the co-inventors provide the University a written instrument, signed by each, allocating ownership among them other than in equal shares. In no event shall the share payable to the inventor or inventors in the aggregate by the University be less than 15 percent of the gross royalties received by the University.

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