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Congratulations to our faculty, staff and graduate students as recent award recipients!

Angela Dembiczak (175x175)

Angela Dembiczak
History Day Coordinator
History Department

Project awarded $10,000 from South Carolina Humanities
Title:  South Carolina History Day 2017-2018

This project will provide support for students to conduct historical research, analyze sources to draw conclusions on the historical significance of a topic and present findings at school, regional, state, and national levels.


James Luken, Ph.D 
Associate Provost of Graduate Studies and Professor of Biology
School of the Coastal Environment 

Project awarded $5,850 from Ecovest Capital, Inc.
TitleEstablishment of Venus Fly Trap Populations on Ecovest Lands in Horry County, SC

This project will focus on establishing and monitoring new populations of the Venus Flytrap on Ecovest lands in Horry County.  

Juli Harding (175x221)

Juliana Harding, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 
Marine Sciences

Project awarded $7,256 from the the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation
Title:  Student STEM Skill Development Using Oyster Reefs 

This funding provides support for fellowships for Coastal Carolina University undergraduate Marine Science majors.  The project objectives are to 1) develop Fellow science, technology, and math (STEM) skills in marine biology, mathematics, and remote sensing, and 2) create opportunities for Fellows to be role models for current Georgetown County high school students.

 Jeffrey Jones 150x225

Jeffrey Jones, Ph.D.  
Associate Professor

Project awarded $1,451 in Professional Enhancement Grant funding
Title Recording Project for: Songs of Travel-Vaughan Williams & Fowler

This project will create a professional audio recording of the two song cycles entitled Songs of Travel, by Ralph Vaughan Williams and Andrew Fowler.

Bomi Kang 175x175

Bomi Kang, Ph.D. 
Marketing, Hospitality & Resort Tourism

Project awarded $6,000 in Professional Enhancement Grant funding
TitleCAP and NetMiner Trainings for Revenue Management Class

This award will enable the faculty member to complete two Business Analytics certification programs which will enhance her teaching of a Revenue Management course.

Cheng-Yuan (COrey) Lee 175x175

Cheng-Yuan (Corey) Lee, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor
Instructional Technology

Project awarded $3,420 in Professional Enhancement Grant funding
Title:  eLearnReady 2.0: Faculty Readiness Assessment for Online Teaching

This funding will be used to perform research and to create a faculty readiness assessment for online learning.

Jason Ockert(175x175)

Jason Ockert 
Assistant Professor 
English Department

Project awarded $3,999 in Professional Enhancement Grant funding.
Title:  Completion of Short Stories for Publication

This funding will enable the faculty member to write short stories that can be included in an upcoming short story collection.

Leslie Wallace

Leslie Wallace, Ph.D.  
Assistant Professor
Visual Arts 

Project awarded $4,098 in Professional Enhancement Grant funding
Title Representations of Raptors and Falconry in Early and Medieval China

This award will provide funding for faculty travel to Beijing and Xi’an, China to conduct research on the visual representation of raptors and the practice of falconry in early and medieval China.


Ronald Green, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Philosophy and Religious Studies

Project awarded $6,000 in Professional Enhancement Grant funding
Title:  Japan Travel for “Key Issues in Asian Studies” Booklet

This award will provide funding for faculty travel to Japan to collect information and photographs to be included in a book about Shinto religion.

Ellen Arnold (175x175)

Ellen Arnold, Ph.D.  
Senior Lecturer  
English Department

Project awarded $1,986 in Professional Enhancement Grant funding
Title:  Proposal to Attend a Children’s Literature Workshop at Shenandoah University 

Funding for travel to the Children’s Literature Conference at Shenandoah University in June of 2018 will be provided through this Professional Enhancement Grant Award.  

Philip Whalen(175x190)

Philip Whalen, Ph.D.

Project awarded $2,536 in Professional Enhancement Grant funding.
Title French Vineyard Geography Burgundian Terroir, and Cultural Heritage

This research project about the history of wine in France includes travel to conduct research in the Rare Books section of the French National Library related to agricultural land in Burgundy during the 17th and 18th centuries.  

 Pamela Martin 175x175

Pamela Martin Ph.D.

Project awarded $21,127 from the National Estuarine Research Reserve (NOAA)
Title From NECAP to GCAP: Transferring Climate Adaptation Knowledge and Tools from New England to Georgetown, SC

This grant will fund the development, production and implementation of role play simulation case studies that will transfer the skills, tools and knowledge of role play and consensus building used in New England to Georgetown County to assist local leaders and citizens with climate adaptation and mitigation planning.   


Project awarded $33,210 from the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation
Title United Nations Youth Group Summer Experience

Grant funding, along with contributions from partnering local employers, will provide paid summer internships for university students to work with community employers, engage in experiential learning and community service, and report on their experiences and how they fulfilled the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.  

‌‌Kimberly Hale 150x150

Kimberly Hurd HalePh.D.
Assistant Professor 

Project awarded $2,000 from the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University
Title Forum on Liberty and the American Founding- Reading Group (Spring 2018)

This grant will provide funding for monthly reading groups for upperclassmen with a demonstrated interest in political philosophy or economic theory and will include discussions on several pamphlets of the American Revolution.  


Project awarded $3,000 from the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University
Title Forum on Liberty and the American Founding- Public Lecture (Spring 2018)

This grant will fund a public lecture from a renowned scholar in the field of political thought of the American Revolution. 

 Carissa Medeiros 137x175

Carissa Medeiros
Emergency Mangement Director 
Public Safety

Project awarded $559,667 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Title Hazard Mitigation Grant Program- Outdoor Warning/Mass Notification System

This grant will provide funding to purchase and install outdoor warning/mass notification systems for the Coastal Carolina University campus. The alert/mass notification system equipment will be controlled and monitored by the University's Dispatch office and will utilize a secure Ethernet communications network.


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