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 Recent Awards 

Angelos Hannides

Angelos Hannides (Marine Science) along with Danielle Viso and Susan Libes received an award for $59,479 from the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium and NOAA for year one of their project on Coastal and Estuarine Acidification in Long Bay, SC.  

Till Hanebuth

Till Hanebuth (Marine Science) received a four-year grant award from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources for $329,112 for his work on Late Holocene and Historic Sea-Level and Land-Elevation Changes along the northern coast of South Carolina

He also received a $10,000 award from Horry County Rising to prepare a detailed and comprehensive slide show and outreach activities to address the urgent demands and issues that result from the rising water tables in Horry County's coastal lowlands. 

Diane Fribance Diane Fribance (Marine Science) received a four-year grant award from the National Science Foundation for $420,533 for her collaborative research project on the Dynamics of Cross-Shelf Plumes under Upwelling Wind Conditions.
Anthony SetaroPamela Martin Anthony Setari (Education Policy, Research & Evaluation) and Pam Martin (Politics) received an award from the Coastal Community Foundation to create a dashboard to target data on poverty, hunger, health and well-being, education, work and economic growth, sustainability and climate action for ten SC counties for their project entitled Georgetown RISE SDG Dashboard and Sustainable Development Fellows Program.
Lanie Karstrom Lanie Karstrom (Sustain Coastal) received an award from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control for $9,213 for the Collegiate Recycling Grant Program.  Funding will be used to help move the university's waste diversion at home football games from a 70% diversion rate to closer to 90%.  
Gay Schmidt Gary Schmidt (Languages and Intercultural Studies) received a $2,000 mini-grant from South Carolina Humanities to support Gullah Geechee Community Day scheduled for February 26, 2022 in downtown Conway. 
Cheryl Morgan Cheryl Morgan (LIFE Program) received a $60,000 award from the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department for the Pre-Employment Transition Serivces Program.  The grant-funded Skills Trainer will provide Pre-Employment Transition Services to Vocational Rehabilitation stuents in the Coastal Carolina Project SEARCH site at Conway Medical Center.  
Julianna Harding Juli Harding (Marine Science) received a grant subaward for $114,543 from the University of South Carolina on their award from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Her project is entitled Integrating climate change effects into ecosystem-based fisheries management:  Penaeid shrimp in the southeast US.

Gay Schmidt

Gary Schmidt (Languages and Intercultural Studies) and Alli Crandell (Athenaeum Press) received a $2,500 mini-grant from the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation for Gullah Geechee Community Day. This event is planned for February 26, 2022 in downtown Conway.
Russell Fielding  Rusell Fielding (HTC Honors College) received a three-year subaward from Harvard University in the amount of $229,841 for his project on the Environmental tipping points of cultural identity extinction in integrated human-ecological systems represented by small fishing nations, funded by the National Science Foundation.