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Develop a successful proposal

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services (OSPRS) works with you each step of the way towards a successful proposal submission.
Per CCU policy, faculty, staff and students are not authorized to submit proposals on behalf of the University.

In order for the Principal Investigator (PI) to better focus on the technical aspects of the proposal, the OSPRS team will:

  • Find funding opportunities
  • Help prepare budgets
  • Summarize sponsor guidelines
  • Edit proposals (for compliance and formatting)
  • Provide assistance with the Internal Routing Process
  • Submit proposals (via sponsor requirements)
  • Negotiate awards
Please contact the OSPRS to schedule an appointment to begin the proposal process.

Internal process for review, approval and submission of proposals:

» Carefully examine the funding announcement or request for proposals (RFP)

Ensure that you are eligible per the sponsor's guidelines within the solicitation.
Verify the due date, time and method of submission (electronic or paper).

» Send the OSPRS the solicitation (document or hyperlink) or RFP as soon as you consider applying

The OSPRS team is trained to understand and apply University policy and State of South Carolina law.
Our team is also familiar with federal/local government and private organization proposal guidelines.

» The OSPRS provides proposal checklist to PI

Once the decision has been made to apply for funding, the OSPRS will review the solicitation and create a comprehensive checklist of necessary proposal materials based on sponsor and solicitation guidelines.  
A PI can expect to receive this checklist within two business days of the OSPRS receiving the RFP or solicitation.

» Send all draft documents to the OSPRS

All draft documents per the proposal checklist should be submitted to the OSPRS no later than 5 business days prior to submission deadline.

» The OSPRS reviews draft proposal and sends PI a final proposal checklist

The OSPRS will review all draft documents for compliance with sponsor guidelines, University policy and State/federal laws.
The OSPRS will assist in checking formatting and overall proposal completion so that your submission can move onto the approval process more easily.
If necessary, the OSPRS will return a final checklist to the PI for any additional adjustments or content.

» The OSPRS routes proposal documents for internal (CCU) approvals

The OSPRS will enter the proposal information into our electronic grants management and information system and route for internal approvals (Chairs, Deans, Provost and/or President).

» Submit final documents to the OSPRS

» Receive email notice of submission

The OSPRS completes the submission of the proposal and will email the submission confirmation and packet of all final, signed documents (in .pdf format) to the PI.

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