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Islamic Studies Minor

Program Requirements: 18 Credits

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Choose one from the following:

RELG 103 - World Religions
RELG 205 - Introduction to Abrahamic Religions

Complete the following:

RELG 322 - Introduction to Islam
RELG 331 - The Qur'an

Choose one from the following:

RELG 356 - Islam in America
RELG 363 - Women and Gender in Islam

Choose two from the following (choose from two different disciplines):

ARTH 219 - Islamic Art and Architecture
HIST 331 Q* - Medieval Islamic World, c. 600-1258
HIST 351 - The Ottoman Empire, 1281-1923
HIST 354 - The Modern Middle East since 1918
HIST 352 - Topics in the Modern Middle East **
HIST 485 Q* - Topics in the Medieval Middle East **
PHIL 370 - Medieval Philosophy
POLI 328 - Political Islam
POLI 333 - Islam and World Politics
RELG 399 - Independent Study **

Total Credits Required: 18 Credits

A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in all courses to be applied toward the minor.

*Additional courses in relevant disciplines at the 300 or 400-level may be selected in consultation with and approval of the student’s Islamic Studies Minor adviser.

**Students choosing to take HIST 352 or HIST 485 must have approval of the Islamic Studies Minor adviser to ensure the topic is relevant to the study of Islam. Students choosing to take RELG 399 must select a topic relevant to the study of Islam approved by the minor adviser.

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Jeffry Halverson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
AOC2 336