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Philosophy Minor

Program Requirements: 18 Credits

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Choose one from the following courses: (3 Credits)
  PHIL 110 Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking 3
  PHIL 321 Symbolic Logic 3
Choose two from the following courses: (6 Credits)
  PHIL 300 Ancient Philosophy 3
  PHIL 301 Modern Philosophy 3
  PHIL 302 18th and 19th Century Philosophy 3
  PHIL 303 Continental and American Philosophy 3
  PHIL 306 20th Century Analytic Philosophy 3
  PHIL 370 Medieval Philosophy 3
Choose nine additional credit hours in philosophy with at least three credit hours at the 300 level or above: (9 Credits)
Total Credits Required    18
A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in each philosophy course to be applied toward the major or minor.

For information regarding interdisciplinary philosophy and religious studies at Coastal Carolina University, visit Interdisciplinary Studies in the University Catalog.

Have questions? Contact:

Dennis Earl, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Chair
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
AOC2 327