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Religious Studies Minor

Program Requirements: 15-18 Credits *

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Complete the following:

RELG 103 - World Religions *

Asian Religions
Choose one from the following:

RELG 104 - Introduction to Asian Religions
RELG 320 - Introduction to Buddhism
RELG 324 - Hinduism
RELG 326 - Buddhism in Literature and Film
RELG 350 - Lives of Hindu and Buddhist Saints
RELG 351 - Religion of India
RELG 352 - Zen Buddhism

Abrahamic Religions
Choose one from the following:

RELG 205 - Introduction to Abrahamic Religions
RELG 301 - Hebrew Bible
RELG 302 - New Testament
RELG 311 - Gospel Traditions
RELG 312 - The Life and Letters of Paul
RELG 322 - Introduction to Islam
RELG 323 - Christianity: Sects and Practices
RELG 330 - Introduction to Judaism
RELG 331 - The Qur'an
RELG 363 - Women and Gender in Islam

Religion Electives
Choose three RELG electives - any of the above not taken previously, or any other 200 level, 300 level, or 400 level RELG course, including (but not limited to):

RELG 203 - Studying Religion: Theory and Methods
RELG 325 - Religion in Contemporary American Film
RELG 360 - Women and World Religions
RELG 365 - Religious Diversity in the South
RELG 366 - Religions of the West African Diaspora
RELG 399 - Independent Study
RELG 491 - Selected Topics in Religious Studies

Total Credits Required: 15-18 Credits *

* Students using RELG 103 - World Religions to satisfy a core requirement or a foundation requirement will fulfill the minor requirement but will not have the three credit hours registered in the minor. The minor sequence should be determined in consultation with the student’s major adviser and an adviser in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. A student must earn a grade of ‘C’ or better in all courses to be applied toward the minor in religious studies.

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Jeffry Halverson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
AOC2 336