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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the process for writing new policy or revising a policy?
    The Policy Approval Form for submitting new policies or policy revisions can be found on the University online forms page ( under Human Resources and Equal Opportunity.

    All new policy and revisions to existing policy must be sponsored by the vice president of the department to which the policy applies. They are submitted to the policy coordinator in the Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity who formats the policy for submission to the president's executive council and president for approval.
    What if I have a question concerning a particular policy?
    Fill out the form on the left menu, or send your question via email to the policy coordinator,
    Why can't I find the university policy related to my area of concern?
    This site does not contain every single policy or procedure that impacts members of the university community. For example, there are many policies that address just faculty members or just students. University policies are those policies that have broad impact across the university as a whole. Other university policies are under the management of such units as Academic Affairs, Judicial Affairs, Public Safety, etc. There are, therefore, many policies that are not referenced on this site.
    What is the Standard University Policy format?
    All university policies will be written using this format, beginning in August 2009. By standardizing the way that policies are presented to the reader, the University hopes to make policies easier to read and understand. All policies on this site are in that format.
    How can I find a policy if I do not know the name?
    You can browse policies using the links to the left, or search for policies by number, name, description, department or keyword by clicking on the Search University Policies link on the left menu.
    How will I know if a policy or procedure changes?
    The University Policy Web site displays the revision date on the policy page and on the By Alphabet and By Category links on the left.
    Do I follow a department or university policy?
    Both, if applicable. Department policies should adhere to University policies, but may add department-specific requirements to the broader system policy. In the event of an inconsistency between a provision in a college or departmental policy and a provision in a university policy, the university policy shall prevail.
    What do I do if I can't find a document?
    If you cannot find a document you are looking for send us an email by using the Feedback page and we will contact you to assist.
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