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    Policy NumberSTUD-302
    TitleStudent Military Service Policy
    In accordance with the South Carolina Code of Laws, section 59-101-395 (refund of tuition and academic fees for military service; opportunity to complete courses), this policy addresses situations when a student is activated for full-time military service during a time of national crisis and, therefore, is required to cease attending a public institution of higher learning without completing and receiving a grade in one or more courses. This policy applies to students who are concurrently enlisted in the military and enrolled at the University who are either non-voluntarily activated or who have been requested by their military chain of command to volunteer for activation due to possessing a specialized skill. The policy does not apply to non-military students who actively choose to withdraw from a semester prior to enlisting nor does it apply to regular yearly training obligations for those serving in the National Guard or Armed Forces Reserves. Since yearly training obligations are known commitments, students are expected to proactively plan their academic schedules around such activities. This policy addresses situations in which currently enrolled students who are members of the National Guard or Armed Forces Reserves are called to active duty by order of the President of the United States or by the Governor of their state during a national or state emergency. The general University policy for students serving in the National Guard or Armed Forces Reserves who are called to active duty during an academic term is to provide a full withdrawal from the University without academic penalty (grade of “W;” 100 percent refund) and to suspend the normal policy of converting grades of incomplete to grades of “F” after one major semester. This policy will apply only to courses in which the student is enrolled at the time the emergency is declared.
    DepartmentStudent Affairs
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    Last RevisedApril 17, 2021 
    CategoryStudent Affairs  (active)

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