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Opportunities - SCSL

The South Carolina Student Legislature (SCSL) is a student-run mock legislature. Colleges and universities in the State of South Carolina send delegations to two annual sessions to debate bills and further their knowledge about parliamentary procedure and state government.

Make sure to enroll in POLI 440 - SCSL to receive credit!

For more information, contact Dr. Frederick Wood or Dr. Adam Chamberlain

Opportunities - Model UN-Model EU

Here at CCU, you can participate in the Model United Nations or Model European Union, two great programs which let students see how a global organization like the United Nations or European Union works. In Model UN, teams of students from CCU and other universities participate in a competition to simulate a UN session and see how well each team can represent an assigned country. In Model EU, teams of students to represent three European Union member states at the European Council Summit simulation. These are two excellent ways to learn more about the countries of the world and how they interact, and meet students from other universities.

To receive credit for Model UN, enroll in POLI 410 - Model UN and POLI 431 - Model UN!

To receive credit for Model EU, enroll in POLI 342 EU Institutions & Policymaking & POLI 430 - Model European Union?

For more information, contact Dr. Pam Martin (Model UN) or Dr. Mariam Dekanozishvili (Model EU.)

Opportunities - Mock Trial

Did you know that Coastal Carolina University has one of the two mock trial teams in South Carolina? Mock trial is an imitation trial program in which students participate in rehearsed trials to learn new skills and compete in national competitions.

The competition on the college circuit is governed by the American Mock Trial Association, and prepares students for not only competition at the law school level, but also for the actual practice of law.

We at CCU are very proud of our pre-law program, and are dedicated to seeing our graduates become effective attorneys no matter what career path they choose.

To receive credit for your Mock Trial participation, enroll in POLI 448 - Mock Trial!

For more information, contact Dr. Mikel Norris.

Opportunities - ISFIT

The International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFIT) is the world’s largest student meeting which takes place in Norway every two years. This global event brings together students from every continent to discuss and debate challenging global issues. The event fosters cooperation and lifetime friendships among these students as they learn from each other. An invaluable part of this experience is the workshops that bring these students together in smaller groups to dialogue on diverse matters related to the theme of the festival.

To receive credit for ISFIT, make sure to enroll in POLI 491 - ISFIT

For more information, contact Dr. Richard Aidoo.

Opportunities - Semester in DC

The Semester in D.C. program is a semester long internship at the prestigious Washington Internship Institute, where students from the U.S. and abroad will receive a combination of hands-on experience and classroom experience. The topics of focus will be public service, leadership, and professional development.

For more information visit, https://www.coastal.edu/internships/students/localnationalinternships/wiidc.html

To enroll in the internship class, please contact Dr. Holley Tankersley