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A Veterans Day message

Nov. 10, 2017

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On this Veterans Day I think of the members of our military and the veterans who join us on this campus everyday who walk our hallways are seated next to us at Cino Grille.

Study beside us in Brian information Commons.

Because of their humble spirits we rarely even know their stories how much they sacrificed and how much their families have sacrificed so that we could have the freedoms we enjoy today freedoms that we often take for granted.

These veterans and military members who dwell among us have been tested beyond what many of us can fathom and have exhibited a steadfast commitment and courage facing fearsome adversaries who would threaten our American Way of life.

Our veterans and military serve as living examples of the core values we hold dear at Coastal Carolina University tradition integrity respect and excellence these values are the essence of CCU formed through the years by many who came before us these men and women were bold in their vision for what this institution could be for the culture and atmosphere we could create and many of them were grounded in shaped through their military service as we look around our campus.

It is plain to see veterans made their marks on CCU this very building Coastal's first building is named for our beloved Dick Singleton many may not realize Dick Singleton served as a physical reconditioning instructor during World War two.

Here at Coastal he served as director and later Chancellor of Coastal Carolina College because of his genuine love for coastal and his tenacious devotion to building a university greater than his community imagined.

Many might describe Dick Singleton as the father of Coastal Carolina University.

Baxley Hall the building that welcomes all to our campus is named after the late Colonel William Baxley who served in the United States Army for 22 years.

Colonel Baxley was an Inventory Battalion Commander in Vietnam and he served as a Colonel in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

His military honors were many: The Silver Star the Distinguished Flying Cross the bronze medal and the Freedom Foundation's George Washington Medal of Honor Colonel.

Colonel Baxley's love for Coastal came through in his fundraising.

He was never shy about asking anyone to give to Coastal.

He taught in our school of business and one of his students Billy Alford was in awe of Colonel Baxley.

Alford served in the military and thanks to the G.I. Bill, earned his degree at Coastal.

Billy Alford later demonstrated his love for Coastal through his bold leadership as chairman of our board of trustees.

And there are more Jimmy Johnson, Bob Squitriglia.

Too many to name.

Today the legacies of these CCU Veterans live on.

And while only a few sacred days each year are formally dedicated to honoring our military, let's recognize daily the blessings we share because of their service.

And so, let's join together and say this to our servicemen and women: we are genuinely honored to have you learning beside us.

we are forever grateful for all that you teach us and there is no way that we can thank you enough for serving the United States of America to protect us and the freedoms that we know are rare in this world.

Today we honor you our members of the military who have served in the past and served today.

Who have sacrificed a multitude of ways who find this campus to be a friendly place and who are dedicated to helping us make coastal even friendlier for you and your loved ones to all happy Veterans Day.