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President's List Spring 2016

Students who have earned a GPA of 4.0 on a minimum of 12 grade hours at the time of official grade production are included on the President's Honor List, which is posted following the fall and spring semesters.

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Christian Adams Sophomore, Management, Economics
Colton Aksomitus Senior, Biology
Matthew Alexander Senior, Finance
Sara Alexander Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Kaleb Allen Senior, Theatre Arts
Kendall Allen Sophomore, Undeclared
Brandee Allen Senior, Management
Sydney Altizer Senior, Communication

Amanda Altman Junior, Management
James Anderson Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Brooke Anderson Senior, Marine Science
Daniel Anderson Senior, Marketing
Shayla Anderson Senior, Special Education–Multi-categorical
Kristopher Angone Junior, Physical Education
Hannah Arrington Sophomore, Sociology
Samantha Asbury Junior, Early Childhood Education
Chaz Babin Junior, Finance
Marissa Bachrach Senior, English
Nicole Baldino Sophomore, Elementary Education
Carey Ballard Junior, Psychology
Mallory Banton Senior, Biology
Marissa Bachrach Senior, English
Nicole Baldino Sophomore, Elementary Education
Carey Ballard Junior, Psychology
Mallory Banton Senior, Biology
Journie Barbour Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science
Victoria Barker Sophomore, Political Science
Matthew Barlow Sophomore, Recreation & Sport Management
Olivia Barnhardt Senior, Management, Marketing
Alexandria Barnhart Sophomore, Finance
Jamie Barrett Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science
Gabrielle Bartlett Sophomore, Early Childhood Education
Alexander Bartlett Freshman, Finance
Mitchell Bast Non-degree seeking
Tyler Bates Junior, Communication
Cory Bauerlien Senior, Marine Science
Brianna Baughman Junior, Art Studio
Amy Baumgardt Junior, Exercise & Sport Science
Krishus Bean Senior, Marine Science
Katelyn Beaulieu Senior, Communication
Jeffrey Benjamin Senior, Information Technology
Michelle Bennett Senior, Sociology
Celeste Benson Senior, Public Health
Kaitlyn Benson Senior, Biology
Morgan Benson Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science
Samantha Bergold
Senior, Communication
Emilee Best Senior, Elementary Education

Tahleia Bishop Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Brooke Bloomquist Sophomore, Musical Theatre
Hunter Blouch Sophomore, Management
Michael'a Boatwright Senior, Middle Level Education
Alexa Bode Sophomore, Middle Level Education
Erica Boomhower Senior, Accounting
Kyle Borawski Freshman, Management
Emily Bores Senior, Marine Science
Anna Borinski Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Ressa Borkovich Senior, Public Health
Megan Boronski Junior, Exercise & Sport Science
Tori Bostick Sophomore, Marketing
Dylan Boston Junior, Accounting
Brian Boudreau Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Hathaikane Bouphasavanh Senior, Management
Abby Boytos Senior, Psychology
Bryant Bradlee Senior, Intelligence & National Security Studies
Ashley Branda Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Lauren Bridges Senior, Middle Level Education
Kaitlyn Brown Senior, Public Health
Francesca Brown Senior, Musical Theatre
Axsel Brown Junior, Accounting
Kiyanna Brown Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
George Bryan Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Janella Burgess Sophomore, Psychology
Samuel Burkinshaw Freshman, Exercise & Sport Science
Nicholas Burroughs Junior, Psychology, Marine Science
India Butler Junior, History
Jada Bynum Senior, Marketing; Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management
Shane Cahill Senior, Intelligence & National Security Studies
Marissa Cain Junior, Exercise & Sport Science
Tatiana Calderon Senior, Communication
Ekaterina Cannon Senior, Nursing
Joseph Cannon Senior, Marine Science, Biochemistry
Jalyn Carlson Senior, Early Childhood Education
James Carpenter Sophomore, Intelligence & National Security Studies
Margaret Carr Senior, Intelligence & National Security Studies
Steven Carruth Senior, Public Health
Emily Carter Non-degree seeking
Lindsey Cartwright Sophomore, Marketing
Ryan Case Sophomore, Political Science
Kiefer Casler Sophomore, Management
Juliane Caughron Junior, Marine Science
Sarah Causey Sophomore, Political Science
Colby Causey Senior, History
Brandon Chambers Sophomore, Information Technology
Abigail Chaney Junior, Marine Science
Brooke Chapman Senior, Early Childhood Education
Tiffany Childress Senior, Early Childhood Education
Kayla Christian Sophomore, Psychology
Madison Christy Junior, Elementary Education
Taylor Cicholski Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Ariel Lillian Clark Senior, Marine Science
Jesse Clark Senior, Marine Science

Courtney Clasen Sophomore, Undeclared
Caleb Claton Sophomore, Management
Courtney Claudfelter Junior, Special Education
Amos Clay Senior, Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management
Gregory Cline Junior, Management
Emily Clingenpeel Senior, Intelligence & National Security Studies, Sociology, Political Science
Evelyn Clyburn Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science
Hannah Coffman Sophomore, Musical Theatre
Karli Cole Senior, Theatre Arts
Amanda Cole Sophomore, Management
MacKenzie Conrad Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Brooke Conway Senior, Early Childhood Education
Brett Cooksey Senior, Sociology, Political Science
Rachael Cormier Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science
Brinson Corn Senior, Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management
Marinda Cornett Senior, Marine Science
Shadda Corwin Sophomore, Political Science
Marilyn Cox Senior, History, Psychology
Annie Craft Junior, Middle Level Education
Taylor Creagh Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Kara Criner Senior, Marine Science
Lauren Crites Sophomore, Economics
Rebecca Cwalina Senior, Communication
Valerie Cwiek Senior, Marine Science
Madeline Dalie Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Shelby Dangerfield Senior, Musical Theatre
Sarah Davidson Senior, Theatre Arts
Dereck Davis Senior, Accounting
Valerie Davis Sophomore, Psychology
Emily Day Sophomore, Elementary Education
Robert Deane Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science
Noelle DeCenzo Senior, Sociology
Skylar Delaney Senior, Art Studio
Romane Delay Senior, Communication
Madisyn Demara Sophomore, Early Childhood Education
Sydney Demer Sophomore, Recreation & Sport Management
Patrick Dempsey Sophomore, Finance
Meagan Denny Senior, Political Science
Joseph Dessino Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Michaela Diaz Sophomore, Intelligence & National Security Studies

Madison Dickman Sophomore, Accounting
Eric DiCroce Senior, Management
Paige Dieter Junior, Middle Level Education
Jacob Dietzel Sophomore, Marine Science
Larissa DiNatale Senior, Psychology
Kayla Do Couto Senior, Marine Science
Todd Doane Senior, Management
Erin Doherty Senior, Early Childhood Education
Francesca Donio Senior, Middle Level Education
Kiarra Donnelly Junior, Theatre Arts
Kenneth Doyle Senior, Physics
Elena Draiss Senior, Accounting
Connor Dugan Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Lauren Durant Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Anna Dusenbury Senior, Elementary Education
Katherine Dwulet Senior, Public Health
Robert Earnest Senior, Political Science
Emily Eastham
Sophomore, Marketing
David Eastman
post-undergraduate, Computer Science
Nellie Eckert
Sophomore, Public Health
Erik Eckleben
Freshman, Management
Rachel Eckley
Senior, Marine Science
Hannah Eells
Senior, Early Childhood Education

Alyssa Egal Senior, English
Brenna Eigenmann Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Christopher Ellis Senior, Biology
Bianca Esposito Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Katelynn Estabrook Senior, Communication
Jolie Even Junior, Mathematics
Aubrey Fallon Senior, Communication
Katherine Falzone Junior, Communication
Jonathan Farah Senior, Marketing
Carly Fenstermacher Junior, Marine Science
Kimberly Ferner Sophomore, Psychology
Courtney Ferreira Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Danielle Ferrer Junior, Accounting
Patrick Ferro Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
John Finamore Sophomore, Computer Science
Randy Fink Senior, Marine Science
Natalie Fisher Junior, Public Health
Colin Fisher Sophomore, Management
Sean Florenz Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Molly Flynn Senior, Early Childhood Education

Dominique Forbes Junior, Mathematics
Rebecca Ford Sophomore, Marine Science
Michael Ford Junior, Accounting
Emily Forzono Senior, Marine Science
Megan Foster Junior, Communication
Anthony Frank Junior, Accounting
Brianna Franklin Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science
Dylan Freeman Junior, Communication
Gabrielle Frick Senior, English
Casey Fries Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Richard Fruchterman Sophomore, Management
Matthew Fryar Sophomore, Finance
Carleton Fuhs Junior, Computer Science
Kayla Fulmer Junior, Early Childhood Education
Austin Gabler Sophomore, Management
Matthew Gahagan Senior, Management
Sean Gallagher Senior, Information Systems
James Gatley Senior, Management
Miranda Gatto Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Carissa Gauthier Junior, Management
Tracey Geary Junior, Marketing
Sydney Gemmell Sophomore, Psychology
Brian Gennarelli Senior, History
Brandon George Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Jakob Gessay Senior, Marine Science
Christian Getchell Senior, Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management
Daniel Gilbert Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Miranda Gilkerson Sophomore, Marketing
Justine Gillespie Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Jessica Giordano Senior, Marketing

Victoria Glass Senior, Psychology
Austin Godwin Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Mikayla Goetz Senior, Theatre Arts
Veronica Good Sophomore, English
Catharine Gordon Senior, Marine Science
Sophie Goron Sophomore, Musical Theatre
Lauren Gorski Senior, English
Emily Graham Senior, Accounting
Marissa Green Junior, Finance
Brittany Griffin Senior, Psychology
Sarah Griffith Junior, Early Childhood Education
Presley Grooms Junior, Finance
Terence Grove Senior, Computer Science
Megan Groves Senior, Theatre Arts
Danielle Guy Junior, Marine Science
Geoffrey Guyette Senior, Management
Ryan Haag Senior, Intelligence & National Security Studies
Kylie Haigh Junior, Marine Science
Eden Halevy Senior, English
Hannah Hamelman Sophomore, History
Raven Hamilton Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Lindsey Hamilton Sophomore, Intelligence & National Security Studies
Rhett Hanenkratt Senior, Theatre Arts
Carlianne Hanks Junior, Communication
Malene Hansen Junior, Marketing
Katelin Hardee Sophomore, Special Education–Multi-categorical
Kayla Harllee Senior, Art Studio
Timothy Harrelson Senior, Finance
Kasey Harrington Junior, Accounting
Michaela Harrington Senior, Marine Science
Brion Harrison Senior, Marine Science
Roxanne Harrison Senior, Early Childhood Education
Britni Harsh Senior, Special Education–Multi-categorical
Elizabeth Hauck Sophomore, Biology
Charlotte Hawkins Senior, Marine Science
Richard Hawley Sophomore, Marine Science
Ethan Hayes Junior, Exercise & Sport Science
Morgan Hedgecock Junior, Art Studio
Nicole Heideman Junior, Recreation and Sport Management
Gisli Helgason Senior, Marketing

Jonvanna Helton Senior, Management
Korilyn Hendricks Senior, Theatre Arts
Benjamin Henke Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Kristen Herrera Sophomore, Early Childhood Education
Drake Heuerman Sophomore, Marketing
Megan Hickman Sophomore, Computer Science
Milton Higgins Senior, Communication
Haley Hilburn Senior, Psychology
Wendell Hill Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Kyla Hilty Junior, Early Childhood Education
Brittany Hinesley Freshman, Communication
Kevin Hoffman Senior, Economics
McKenna Hofmann Sophomore, Communication|
Marcus Holmes Junior, Psychology
Kyle Houle Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Rachael Houston Senior, Communication
Chadwyck Howell Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Amani Huell Freshman, Theatre Arts|
Breanna Huff Sophomore, Middle Level Education
Kelby Huggins Junior, Special Education–Multi-categorical
Jessica Hughes Senior, Marketing
Leandra Hurlbert Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Sarah Hurston Senior, Early Childhood Education
Jeffrey Hyland Sophomore, Intelligence & National Security Studies
D'Jenique Inge Sophomore, Intelligence & National Security Studies
Christopher Ingram Senior, Middle Level Education

Christopher Ingram Senior, Middle Level Education
Ashlyn Inman Senior, Musical Theatre
LaVasia Jackson Senior, Psychology
Jesse James Junior, Marketing
Clayton James Senior, English
Geary James Senior, Biology
Janie Javier Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science
Joshua Jenkins Sophomore, Biology
Matthew Jiron Senior, Accounting
Laura Johnson Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Morgan Johnson Senior, Early Childhood Education
Jeremiah Johnson Sophomore, English

Emma Johnson Senior, Psychology
Heather Johnson Senior, Early Childhood Education
Kyle Johnson Sophomore, Communication
Victoria Johnson Junior, Elementary Education
Alia Johnson Junior, Public Health
Rebecca Jolly Senior, Art Studio
Michael Jones Senior, History
Hattie Jordan Senior, Economics
Samuel Jordan Non-degree seeking
Elizabeth Kahn Senior, Accounting
Emily Kakish Senior, Musical Theatre
Megan Kalmbach Junior, Psychology
Michaela Kaltwasser Junior, Health Administration
Michael Kane Senior, English
Matthew Kaplan Junior, Exercise & Sport Science
Kelly Kapur Senior, Musical Theatre
Alexander Karban Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Lanie Karstrom Sophomore, Marine Science
Steven Kaufmann Junior, Marketing
Shannon Kelahan-Pierson Senior, Marine Science
Zachary Kelley Senior, Management
Nicole Kelly Junior, Finance
Alexis Kelly Junior, Exercise and & Sport Science
Charles Kimble Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Dillon King Senior, Marine Science

Markita Kintzer Sophomore, Communication
William Kirby Senior, Computer Science
Morgan Kirkpatrick Sophomore, Management
David Klett Junior, Marine Science
Joshua Kline Senior, Management
Logan Klinepeter Sophomore, Marine Science
Madison Knight Sophomore, Biology
Casey Knisley Senior, Communication
Deborah Knoch Junior, Elementary Education
Joshua Knutson Senior, History
Heather Kowalczyk Senior, Elementary Education
Morgan Kranz Sophomore, Undeclared
Caitlin Kratzer Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Katie Kreider Junior, Recreation & Sport Management
Emma Kroger Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Nicole Kuhn Senior, Economics
Ian Lackey Sophomore, Physics
Danielle Lafreniere Senior, History
Dantzler Lambert Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Emily Langston Senior, Early Childhood Education
Daniele Lardiere Sophomore, Middle Level Education
Elena Larose Senior, Psychology
Scott Lavigne Senior, Computer Science
Richard Lawhorn Freshman, Finance
Ryan Lawrence Freshman, Political Science
Briana Laws Senior, Biochemistry
Sora LebowitzJunior, Information Technology
Madeleine Lee Junior, Marine Science
Alan Lemons Junior, Marketing
Kevin Leskouski Senior, Management
Justin Lesuer Junior, History

Mary Lewis Senior, Theatre Arts
Kari Lewis Senior, History
Anton Lima Sophomore, Management
Rachel Liming Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Xueling Lin Junior, Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management
Thomas Little Sophomore, Musical Theatre
Paige Lovett Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Justin Lowes Junior, Public Health
Samantha Loyo Senior, Elementary Education
Merwan Luck Senior, Information Systems
Danielle Ludlam Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Sofia Luna Senior, Marketing
Christina Lunetta Freshman, Early Childhood Education
Ashley Lynch Junior, Biology
Gerard Madden Junior, Finance
Casey Mallon Non-degree seeking
Christopher Marlowe Senior, Biology
Ian Marr Junior, Management
Colin Marz Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Abdulfattoh Masaidov Sophomore, Accounting
Nicholas Masterson Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
John Mastroberti Non-degree seeking
Brock Matava Senior, Management
Jacob Matthews Senior, Management
Hunter Matusevich Senior, Psychology
Jordan Mauck Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Morgan Mauck Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Ava Maurer Senior, Early Childhood Education
Steffanie May Senior, Elementary Education
Patrick McCabe Senior, Marine Science
Robert McCarthy Junior, Marketing
Kelly McCarthy Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Devin McClure Non-degree seeking
Debryan McClurkin Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Christopher McCullagh Senior, Management
Patrick McDole Senior, Management
Casey McDonald Sophomore, Biochemistry
Jeremy McDonald Freshman, Recreation & Sport Management
Jaymie McDowell Junior, Early Childhood Education
Annakai McFarlane Senior, Psychology
Molly McIndoe Freshman, Accounting
Samantha McKeon Senior, Psychology
Katherine Mendoza Senior, Early Childhood Education

Sky Mercede Sophomore, Accounting
Zackery Messetler Senior, Psychology
Yancy Methvien Senior, Management
Lauren Mezger Senior, English
Ashley Michels Senior, Early Childhood Education
Francesco MiglianoJunior, Economics
Eric Miller Senior, Management
Samuel Minsky
Sophomore, Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management
Rebekah Milz Senior, Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management
Brit Mingee Junior, Finance
Kailey Mixer Senior, Musical Theatre
Christopher Moorman Sophomore, Marine Science
Hannah Morgan Senior, English
Sarah Morley Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Nicholas Morris Senior, English
Lily Morris Sophomore, Graphic Design
Mikayla Morris Sophomore, Middle Level Education
Jack Morris Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Megan Morton Junior, Psychology
Allison Moss Non-degree seeking
Peyton Mueller
Non-degree seeking
Noelle Mukete Sophomore, Management
Coral Mullen Senior, Marine Science
Patrick Mulvihill
Senior, Accounting
Nicholas Murphy Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Brooke Musmeci Sophomore, Middle Level Education
Jessica Myers Sophomore, Marine Science
Krista Nardi Senior, Special Education–Multi-categorical
Sarah Navin Senior, English
Melissa Neal Sophomore, Marketing
Necoda Nealon Junior, Management
Stephanie Nelson Junior, Intelligence & National Security Studies
Rachael Newlands Sophomore, Early Childhood Education
Margaret Nichols Senior, English

Milani Nicosia Freshman, Biology
Avery Noel Junior, Sociology
Cody Norris Senior, Public Health
Skylar Norton Senior, Sociology
Madison Nowlin Sophomore, Intelligence & National Security Studies
Christopher O'Brien Senior, Marine Science
Cheryl O'Connor Sophomore, Early Childhood Education
Kerri O'Halloran Sophomore, Sociology
Garrett O'Neil Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Yaicha Ocampo Sophomore,English

Nicholas Orr Junior, Marketing
Emily Otstott Senior, Marine Science
Duncan Overby Senior, Theatre Arts
Stephen Owens Senior, Music
Erin Owens Junior, History
Nicholas Pace Sophomore, Management
Alexandra Padgett Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Sirena Paiva Senior, Special Education–Multi-categorical
Braxton Palmer Junior, Political Science
Catherine Palomba Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Alessandro Parisi Junior, Finance
David Parrett Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Nikita Patel Senior, Biology
John Dawson Patterson Senior, Accounting
Brooke Patterson Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Chloe Paulsen Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science
Erin Paxton Senior, Musical Theatre
Hannah Pecha Junior, Elementary Education
Jenna Pecilunas Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Emily Peiffer Senior, Theatre Arts
Rylie Petrangelo Sophomore, Marine Science
Madison Phillips Junior, Elementary Education
Nathan Phillips Senior, Computer Science
Hali Phillips Sophomore, Marine Science
Kelsey Phillips Sophomore, Middle Level Education

Danielle Pierce Senior, Elementary Education
Laura Pierpont Senior, Musical Theatre
Richard Piper Junior, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Sara Plensdorf Senior, Theatre Arts
Mariel Po Senior, Public Health
Claire Poeckes Junior, Political Science
Samantha Pope Sophomore, Marine Science
Alexandra Poulos Senior, Computer Science
Kaitlyn Powalie Senior, Psychology
Kyla Powell Sophomore, Communication
Juden Powell Junior, Public Health
Lindsay Predmore Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Sydney Presley Senior, Early Childhood Education
MacKenzie Prickett Senior, English
Anthony Priegue Senior, Finance
Thomas Probert Sophomore, Music
Katelyn Pullum Senior, Early Childhood Education
Alexandria Putman Sophomore, Communication
Meredith Putnam Senior, Early Childhood Education
Xuanyi Qiu Sophomore, Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management
Amber Rahman Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science
Shaun Ralko Junior, Information Technology
Courtney Rapp Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science
Micah Ray Senior, Music
Zali Rayment Non-degree seeking
Alexander Reiss Senior,Recreation & Sport Management
Adam Renshaw Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Matthew Rentz Senior, Accounting
Matthew Reynolds Senior, Management
Laura Reynolds Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Lindsay Rhodunda Sophomore, Sociology
Lexi Richardson Sophomore, Psychology
Hannah Richardson Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Madison Ridings Sophomore, Biology

Alyssa Risner Sophomore, Biology
Jason Rivard Senior, Management
Briana Rivas Post-undergraduate, Communication
Johanna Rivera Sophomore, Accounting
Stephanie Roa Sophomore, Finance
Jordan Roballo Sophomore, Marine Science
Rebecca Roberts Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Dale Robinson Senior, History
Eric Robles Senior, Biology
Caroline Rogers Senior, Elementary Education
Tyler Rogers Sophomore, Accounting
Steven Rosen Senior, Biology
Jane Rowe Senior, Public Health
Mary Jo Rufo Sophomore, Management
Lisa Saguto Junior, Marketing
Thomas Saguto Senior, Marketing
Valerie Sanchez Senior, Elementary Education
Tiffany Sanders Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Cameron Sanders Junior, Exercise & Sport Science
Kara Sanford Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Keelin Sanz Senior, Musical Theatre
Natasa Savovic Junior, Mathematics
Lena Schaeffner Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Thomas Scheffler Senior, Management
Kaitlin Schell Sophomore, English
Kristyn Schlicher Sophomore, Undeclared
Emil Sebastian Schneider Junior, Management
Reanna Schnubel Sophomore, Accounting
Bethany Schoppert Sophomore, Marine Science
Eric Schroeder Junior, Management
Kierra Scipio Senior, Elementary Education
Peter Seifarth Senior, Theatre Arts
Alexis Setta Senior,Marine Science
Amy Seymour-Bard Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Leeon Shamah Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
McKinley Sharpe Sophomore, Intelligence & National Security Studies
Madeline Shaw Senior, English
Carson Shelley Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Jennifer Sheprow Junior, Accounting
Whitney Shifflett Senior, Psychology
Garland Shrader Junior, Philosophy
Caitlin Shuppy Senior, Early Childhood Education

Alexandra Simmons Junior, Psychology
Latesha Simpson Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Lynnea Sisk Senior, Management
Carly Slifka Sophomore, Communication
Steven Small Senior, Political Science
Chelce' Small Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Caitlin Smith Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Dominique Smith Junior, Theatre Arts
Elliott Smith Senior,Musical Theatre
Andrew Smith Junior, Graphic Design
Haley Smith Senior, Art Studio
Zachary Smith Senior, Management
Hannah Smith Senior, Intelligence & National Security Studies
Santino Sola Sophomore, Undeclared
Tyana Soles Senior, Management
Elizabeth Spegar Junior, Middle Level Education
Robert Sperduto Junior, English
Joshua Squires Senior, Biochemistry
Nehemiah Stafford Senior, Chemistry
Keyara Staples Senior, Early Childhood Education
ShaQuana Steed Sophomore, Health Promotion
Alexis Stein Sophomore, Marketing
Joshua Stilley Junior, Finance
Ryleigh Stoll Sophomore,Elementary Education
Margaret Stone Sophomore, Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management
Linsey Strunga Senior, Special Education–Multi-categorical
Mallory Suggs Sophomore, Special Education–Multi-categorical
Tyler Sullivan Senior, Mathematics
Gregory Talbert Senior,Finance
Melinda Tapia Sophomore, Biochemistry
Emilie-Katherine Tavernier Junior, Biology
Cody Taylor Senior, Theatre Arts
Cameron Taylor Senior, Theatre Arts
Kevin Taylor
Senior, Accounting
Nicholas Tester
Junior, Exercise & Sport Science
Kaleb Thompson Sophomore, Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management
LaChelsie Thomas Senior, Biology

Kylie Thomas Junior, Physics
Trevor Thomas Sophomore, Marketing
Zachary Thomas Senior, English
Faith Tison Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science
Carlie Todd Senior, Intelligence & National Security Studies
Timi Tooley Junior, Health Promotion
Geena Toscano Junior, Management
Sydney Townsend Junior, Marketing
Brianna Tramutolo Senior, Marine Science
Nicole Tropauer Senior, Communication
Bryan Van Der Riet Junior, Mathematics
Casey Vance Senior, Communication
Bryan Varsalone Junior, Recreation & Sport Management

Zachary Vaughan Senior, Recreation & Sport Management
Meghan Voyack Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Gabrielle Vujanic Junior, Marketing
Jordan Wachowiak Sophomore, Communication
Charles Walker Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Keondra Walker Senior, Theatre Arts
Arielle Walters Senior, Psychology
Christopher Wankowicz Junior, Marine Science
Rachel Ward Sophomore, Accounting
Amanda Ware Senior, Health Administration
Gwendolyn Washington Senior, Graphic Design
Paige Watkins Senior, Marketing
Kaylynne Wattelet Sophomore, Middle Level Education
Dalton Watts Senior, Mathematics
Victoria Watts Senior, Early Childhood Education
Cethlynn Weatherly Sophomore,Marine Science
Kayla Weekhout Senior, Political Science
Hannah Weinberg Junior, Marine Science
Michelle West Senior, Biology
William West Senior, Accounting
Taylor White Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Amanda White Sophomore, Chemistry
Rachel White Senior, Communication

Madison Whitney Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science
Charles Whittington Senior, Political Science
Deondre Williams Sophomore, Information Technology
Katherine Williams Senior,Marketing
Kayleigh Williams Junior, Early Childhood Education
Dawn Williams Senior, Management
Heather Williams Senior, Marketing
Max Williams Senior, Information Systems
Audra Williams Senior, English
Breana Wilson Junior, Biochemistry
Louise Wilson Junior, Communication
Eric Winkler Senior, Marine Science
Paris Winters Junior, Marketing
Madison Wolf Sophomore, Economics
Daniel Woodall Senior, Psychology
Lucas Woodside Junior, Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management
Joseph Wrenn Sophomore, Accounting
Christopher Wright Junior, Music
Margaret Wright Senior, Elementary Education
Connor Wrightson Junior, Management
Haley Yarborough Senior, Graphic Design
Lauren Yerardi Junior, Elementary Education
Alexandria Young Senior, Public Health

Lyndsay Young Senior, Marine Science
Lauren Young Senior, Management
Jenna Zardus Sophomore, Finance
Salem Zeglin Senior, Exercise & Sport Science
Madison Zeller Sophomore, English
Shiyue Zhang Sophomore, Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management

Xixi Zhou Sophomore, Hospitality, Resort & Tourism Management
Emily Zielonka Senior, Marine Science
Sayer Zimmerman Sophomore, Exercise & Sport Science