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President's List Spring 2017

Students who have earned a GPA of 4.0 on a minimum of 12 grade hours at the time of official grade production are included on the President's Honor List, which is posted following the fall and spring semesters.
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Rachael Abels Senior, Public Health
Madison Abernathy Junior, Early Childhood Education
Maria Acosta Senior, Early Childhood Education
Christian Adams Senior, Economics
Daniele Aguilera Senior, Psychology
Colton Aksomitus Senior, Biology
Joshua Alberts Senior, Sociology
Matthew Alexander Senior, Finance
Samuel Allen Junior, Information Technology
Sabrina Alt Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Amanda Altman Senior, Management
Dylan Amble Sophomore, Finance Pre-Major
Amber Anderson Senior, Public Health
Graham Anderson Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
James Anderson IV Post-undergraduate, Biochemistry
Myles Anderson Senior, Finance
Matthew Andre Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Danielle Angelillo Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Hannah Arrington Junior, Sociology
Samantha Asbury Senior, Early Childhood Education
Jessica Ayers Senior, Marine Science

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Marie Babayan Senior, Communication
Shannon Baglanis 
Junior, Middle Level Education Pre-Major
Cassandra Bailey 
Junior, Communication
Andrea Baker 
Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Daniel Baker 
Sophomore, Marine Science
Barbora Bakova
 Senior, Marketing
Nicole Baldino Junior, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Michael Baney Junior, Computer Science
Haley Banfield Sophomore, Psychology
Rebekah Barbour Senior, Special Education Multi-Categorical Pre-Major
McKenzie Barch Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Jamie Barkdull Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jennifer Barker Senior, Accounting
Jacquelyne Barnett Senior, Early Childhood Education
Alexandria Barnhart Junior, Finance
Geoffrey Barton Post-undergraduate, Elementary Education
Robert Battaglia Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Amy Baumgardt Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Adam Baumiller Senior, Computer Science
Katelyn Beaty Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Bethany Bebik Senior, Public Health
Ja'quan Beckett Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Emily Beekman Senior, Art Studio
Cori Bell Senior, Early Childhood Education
Joshua Bellamy Senior, English
Francesca Bellizzi Sophomore, Psychology
Tessa Belongia Sophomore, Musical Theater
Jeffrey Benjamin Senior, Information Technology
Toria Bennett Sophomore, Finance Pre-Major
Kaitlyn Beatty Senior, Biology
Morgan Benson Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Hannah Bernard Sophomore, Special Education Multi-Categorical Pre-Major
Monika Blackmon Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Brooke Bloomquist Junior, Musical Theater
Kevin Boatwright Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Kevin Boissy Senior, Accounting Pre-Major
Nicholas Bonoff Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Anna Borinski Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies/Psychology
Emily Boronski Senior, Music
Kylie Bostick Junior, Marine Science/Biology
Tori Bostick Junior, Marketing
Dylan Boston Senior, Accounting
Tabitha Boyd Senior, Early Childhood Education
Alexandra Brady Sophomore, Music
Cain Brady Sophomore, Finance Pre-Major
Mark Brame Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Dimitri Bramwell Sophomore, Economics Pre-Major/Accounting
Ashley Brandt Senior, Marine Science
Mikazha Breeden Senior, Early Childhood Education
Noah Breeden Senior, Management
Andrew Bremser Senior, Psychology
Jacob Brine Junior, Anthropology and Georgraphy
Bryan Bronoske Senior, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Katie Brooks Senior, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Kayla Broom Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Francesca Brown Senior, Musical Theater
Kaitlyn Brown Senior, Public Health
Morgan Brown Senior, Health Administration
Terry Brown Jr. Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Nicholas Buchta Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
MacKenzie Budinger Sophomore, Undeclared-Undergraduate
Stephen Burns Junior, Biology
Nicholas Burroughs Senior, Psychology
Chandricka Bussey Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Mallory Byrne Junior, Chemistry

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Michael Cahill Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Marissa Cain Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Patrick Callanan Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Brooke Campbell Senior, Biology
Delayna Campbell Senior, Psychology
Dean Cannestra Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Ashley Canter Senior, English
Kelsey Carlin Senior, Communication
Olivia Carlton Senior, Accounting
Michael Carpenito Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Cameron Carroll Freshman, Psychology
Kaitlyn Carroll Junior, Early Childhood Education Pre-Major
Matthew Carter Senior, Management
Alyssa Caruana Sophomore, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Ryan Case Junior, Political Science
Nicole Casperson Junior, Accounting Pre-Major
Nicole Castelluccio Senior, Biology
Samyra Casterlow Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Juliane Caughron Senior, Marine Science
Loren Cervenka Senior, Early Childhood Education
Abigail Chaney Senior, Marine Science
Lauren Chapman Senior, Early Childhood Education
Gabrielle Cheeseman Senior, Marketing
Scott Chernoff Junior, Information Systems
Elbert Chestnut Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Cuyler Chiang Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Kayla Christian Junior, Management
Jaime Ciarletto Senior, Special Education Multi-Categorical
Jeffrey Clang Jr. Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Ariel Lillian Clark Senior, Marine Science
Brandon Clark Junior, Theatre
Emily Clark Senior, Management
Jesse Clark Senior, Marine Science
Jessica Clark Sophomore, Marine Science
Logan Clark Freshman, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Courtney Clasen Junior, Public Health
Courtney Claudfelter Senior, Special Education Multi-Categorical
Jonathan Clayton Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Shonte Clement Sophomore, Digital Culture and Design
Gregory Cline Senior, Management
Hannah Coffman Junior, Musical Theater
Thomas Cokley Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science
Megan Colagrande Sophomore, Accounting Pre-Major
Laine Collins Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Madeline Collins Junior, Economics Pre-Major
Tyler Connell Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Charles Connett Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Philip Conte Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Brett Conway Junior, Management Pre-Major
Brooke Conway Senior, Early Childhood Education
Nicholas Conway Senior, Marine Science
Khalil Cooke Senior, Information Systems
William Cooke IV Senior, Management
Marinda Cornett Senior, Marine Science
Shadda Corwin Junior, Political Science
Maria Costa Junior, Accounting
Annie Craft Senior, English
Caitlin Cramblit Junior, Psychology
Chelsea Crouch Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
David Cummings Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Rachel Czarny Senior, Recreation and Sport Management

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Julia D'Aiello Sophomore, Communication
Emily D'Orsaneo
Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science
Genevieve Damron
Junior, Communication
Amanda Daneker Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Dallas Daniels
Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Whitney Daniels
Senior, Music
Dallas Davis
Senior, Sociology
Kristin Davis
Senior, Early Childhood Education
Valerie Davis
Junior, Psychology
Whitney Davis Senior, Marine Science/Biology
Haley Davison
Senior, Early Childhood Education
Emily Day
Junior, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Garth DeBell II
Senior, Middle Level Education Pre-Major
Kiley Decker
Sophomore, Marketing Pre-Major
Skylar Delaney
Senior, Art Studio
Romane Delay
Senior, Communication
Mark Dempsey
Junior, Finance
Patrick Dempsey
Junior, Finance
Raven Dennis
Junior, Political Science
Alyssa Devine
Senior, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Michele Di Prizio
Senior, Early Childhood Education
Madison Dickman
Junior, Accounting
James DiCroce
Senior, Management
Paige Dieter
Senior, Middle Level Education
Jacob Dietzel
Junior, Marine Science
Brandon Dimichele
Sophomore, Communication
Larissa DiNatale
Senior, Psychology
Kerry Dittmeier
Senior, Public Health
Ramsey Diven
Sophomore Art Studio
Morgan Divine
Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Gregory Dizin 
Senior, Marketing
Daniel Dobay
Senior, Philosophy
Amelia Dobbs
Senior, Musical Theater
Gabrielle Donatelli
Sophomore, Marine Science
Madison Donithan
Junior, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Kiarra Donnelly
Senior, Theatre Arts
Izabel Dorst
Senior, Musical Theater
Amanda Doughty
Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Rylie Doyle
Junior, Communication
Michelle Dudamel
Senior, Accounting
John Dudley
Junior, Musical Theater
Ian Duffy
Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Jessie Dumas
Senior, Management
Lauren Durant
Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
John Durica
Junior, Marine Science
Billie Durkin
Junior, Marketing
Anna Dusenbury
Senior, Elementary Education

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Robert Earnest Jr. Senior, Political Science
Emily Eastham Junior, Marketing
David Eastman Post-undergraduate, Computer Science/Applied Mathematics
Alexis Echols Junior, Marine Science
Katina Eckert Junior, Graphic Design
Nellie Eckert Junior, Graphic Design
Erik Eckleben Junior, Management Pre-Major
Stephanie Edge Sophomore, Public Health
Michael Eisenhardt Senior, Management/Information Systems
Stephanie Eliason Junior, Finance
Erin Elliott Sophomore, Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management Pre-Major
Christopher Ellis Senior, Biology
Liam Emery Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Gabrielle Enerson Senior, Psychology
Ashley Engelhard Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Hailey Ensor Junior, English
Josie Epps Sophomore, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Katelynn Estabrook Senior, Communication
Savana Evans Senior, Marine Science
Jolie Even Senior, Applied Mathematics

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Tiffany Failey Junior, Digital Culture and Design
Madison Fama
Junior, Sociology
Hao Fang
Sophomore, Computer Science
Luiz Fernando Faria Jr.
 Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Nicholas Feaser
 Sophomore, Finance Pre-Major
Kenneth Fenchel
 Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Carly Fenstermacher
 Senior, Marine Science
Danielle Ferrer
 Senior, Accounting
Jamie Figueiredo
 Senior, Communication
Madeline Fillin
g Sophomore, Marketing Pre-Major
Colin Fisher
 Junior, Management
Natalie Fisher
 Senior, Public Health
Lyndell Folsom
 Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Dominique Forbes
 Senior, Applied Mathematics
Georgia Ford
 Senior, Marine Science
Michael Ford
 Senior, Accounting
States Fort
 Junior, Accounting
Alexander Foster
 Junior, Applied Mathematics
Megan Foster
 Senior, Communication
Kyle Fowler
 Senior, Political Science
Dylan Freeman
 Senior, Communication
Macey Freeman
Senior, Elementary Education
Ashley Fries
 Junior, Recreation and Sport Management
Rachel Fullerton
 Senior, Early Childhood Education
Kayla Fulmer
 Senior, Early Childhood Education
Dakota Fulp
Post-undergraduate, Computer Science
Kara L. Funk
Senior, Communication
Kara M. Funk
Senior, Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management

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Amber Gaffey Senior, Elementary Education
Alexis Gagnon
 Senior, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Seth Gainey
 Senior, Information Technology
Katelin Gandee
 Senior, Communication
Jazmin Garcia
 Senior, Sociology
Brian Gardner
 Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Destiny Garrett
 Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Ashleigh Garrity
 Junior, Intelligence and National Security Studies
James Gasque
Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Miranda Gatto
 Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Carissa Gauthie
r Senior, Management
Tracey Geary
 Senior, Marketing
Santana Gemini
Senior, Early Childhood Education
Sydney Gemmell
 Junior, Psychology
Dillon Gibbons Freshman, Intelligence and National Security Studies Pre-Major
Talisa Gilbert
 Sophomore, Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management Pre-Major
Kaitlin Gilliece
 Senior, Marine Science
Kristian Goble
 Senior, Management/Marketing
Austin Godwin
 Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Mikayla Goetz
 Senior, Theatre Arts
Adam Goga
 Freshman, Applied Mathematics
Brenden Goldman
 Senior, Information Systems
Veronica Good
 Junior, English
Caitlyn Goodwin
 Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Bailey Gordon
 Sophomore, Political Science/History
Chante Gore
 Senior, Public Health
Sophie Goron
 Junior, Musical Theater
Sarah Gower
 Sophomore, Middle Level Education Pre-Major
Emily Graham
 Senior, Accounting/Management
Patrick Graham
 Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Samuel Graham Jr.
 Junior, History
Cassidy Grant
 Sophomore, Marketing Pre-Major
Olumiwale Grant
 Junior, Early Childhood Education Pre-Major
Charles Gray III
 Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Marissa Green
 Senior, Finance
Brittany Griffin
 Senior, Psychology
Brianna Grimes
Junior, Marine Science
Hannah Groh
 Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Kayleigh Gudas
 Sophomore, Marketing Pre-Major
Arnor Gudmundsson
Exercise and Sport Science
Geoffrey Guyette
 Senior, Management/Finance

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Coby Haigh Senior, Accounting Pre-Major
Spring Haigler Sophomore, Psychology
Matthew Hale Junior, Accounting Pre-Major
Jessica Halford Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Sara Hallstein Junior, Art Studio
Hannah Hamelman Junior, History
Carlianne Hanks Senior, Communication
Hannah Hardee Senior, Finance
Holly Hardee Senior, Early Childhood Education
Katelin Hardee Junior, Special Education Multi-Categorical
Sarah Harkness Sophomore, Communication
Kayla Harllee Senior, Art Studio/Art History
Kasey Harrington Senior, Accounting
Brion Harrison Senior, Marine Science/Biology
Mark Harrison Senior, Marketing
James Harrity Sophomore, Intelligence and National Security Studies Pre-Major
Emilee Hassanzadeh Senior, Musical Theater/Music
Katherine Hassett Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Thomas Hastie Jr. Senior, Management
Charlotte Hawkins Senior, Marine Science
Joseph Hawkins Senior, Political Science
Ethan Hayes Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
James Heft Senior, Management
Nicole Heideman Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Korilyn Hendricks Senior, Theatre Arts
Stephanie Henning Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Mamie Henshaw Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Monica Herman Senior, Graphic Design
Samantha Hermann Senior, Marine Science
Kristen Herrera Junior, Early Childhood Education Pre-Major
Megan Hickman Junior, Computer Science
Colin Hildebeidel Senior, Marine Science
Jessica Hilt Junior, Early Childhood Education
Kyla Hilty Senior, Early Childhood Education
Caitlyn Hinnerschitz Sophomore, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Anne Hobdy Sophomore, Marine Science
Brooke Horist Junior, Marine Science/Biology
Kyle Houle Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Rachael Houston Senior, Communication/Political Science
Megan Hoverman Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Anna Howard Senior, Accounting Pre-Major
Christopher Howe Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Kae Huang Junior, Communication
Andrea Hudson Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Amani Huell Junior, Theatre Arts
Taylor Huffman Sophomore, Early Childhood Education Pre-Major
Kelby Huggins Senior, Sociology
Jessica Hughes Senior, Marketing
Leandra Hurlbert Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Erin Hurley Sophomore, Finance Pre-Major
Sophia Huss Sophomore, Marine Science/Anthropology and Geography

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Jade Ikahihifo-Bender Non-degree seeking
Rebecca Ikeda Senior, English
Ashlyn Inman Senior, Musical Theatre


Connor Jackson Sophomore, Finance Pre-Major
Javon James Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Sydney James Sophomore, Anthropology and Georgraphy
Logan Jarrell Junior, Marine Science/Biology
Alexa Jeacoma Sophomore, Marketing Pre-Major
Raymond Jefferis Sophomore,e Intelligence and National Security Studies Pre-Major
Hayley Jenkins Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
James Jester Sophomore, Theatre
Steven Johel Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Addison Johnson Sophomore, Art Studio
Christopher Johnson Senior, English/Philosophy
Courtney Johnson Junior, Psychology
Haley Johnson Sophomore, English
Jillian Johnson Sr. Senior, Early Childhood Education
Kathryn Johnson Senior, Elementary Education
Morgan Johnson Senior,Early Childhood Education
Victoria Johnson Senior, Elementary Education
William Johnson III Senior, Management
Joseph Jones III Junior, Finance
Hattie Jordan Senior, Economics
Calvin Joyner Jr. Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Samantha Justice Senior, Elementary Education

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Emily Kakish Senior, Musical Theater
Eric Kalkbrenner Senior, Intelligence and National Security Studies Pre-Major
Brenna Kallod Sophomore, Music
Kelly Kapur Senior, Musical Theater
Maria Karahalios Senior, Political Science
Erin Keats Senior, Early Childhood Education
Laine Kehoe Sophomore, Computer Science
Mary Kelley Senior, Music
Margaret Kelly Senior, Psychology
Silas Kelly Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science/Management
Vartan Kendirdjian Junior, Psychology
Griffin Keys Junior, Marine Science/Biology
Sophia Kider Senior, Musical Theater
Lynette King Senior, Public Health
Timothy King Senior, Information Technology
Markita Kintzer Junior, Communication
Jacob Kirby Senior, Management
William Kirby Senior, Computer Science
Aaron Kleinert Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
David Klett Senior, Marine Science
Deborah Knoch Senior, Elementary Education
Leah Kohler Senior, Graphic Design
Katie Kolobielski Senior, Early Childhood Education
Caroline Kopp Sophomore, Undeclared
Katie Kreider Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Matthew Kurpiel Senior, Marine Science
Haley Kyger Senior, Management

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Kiersten Laird Junior, Communication
Brianna Lajoie
 Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Nathan Lake
 Junior, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Samantha Lambert
Sophomore, Finance Pre-Major
April Lancona
 Senior, Communication
Colleen Landers
 Junior, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Gregory Lang
Sophomore, Marine Science
Dylan Lange
 Senior, History
Andrew Larkin
 Sophomore, Middle Level Education Pre-Major
KateLynn LaScala
 Senior, Biology
David Laws III
 Senior, Biochemistry
Madeleine Lee
 Senior, Marine Science
Alan Lemons
 Senior, Marketing Pre-Major/Management
Giovanna Leone
 Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science
Justin Lesuer
 Senior, History
Destiny Lewis
 Senior, Public Health
Donna Lewis
Junior, English
Kacey Lewis
 Senior, Early Childhood Education
Mary Lewis
 Senior, Theatre Arts
Nickara Liddell
 Senior, Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management
Melyssa Lightbourne
Freshman, Political Science
Drew Limpasuvan
Non-degree seeking
Natshua Livingston
Senior, Finance Pre-Major
McClaine Logsdon
 Sophomore, Marketing
Rebecca Lopes
Junior, Special Education Multi-Categorical Pre-Major
Aiden Lowell
Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Justin Lowes
Senior, Public Health
Emilee Lowman
Junior, Biology
Jake Lucas
Senior, Political Science
Alyssa Lundy
Senior, Marine Science
Christina Lunetta
Junior, Early Childhood Education

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Paul Maczaj Sophomore, Economics Pre-Major
Tyler Magaha Senior, Elementary Education
Casey Mallon Senior, Political Science/Intelligence and National Security Studies
Brenna Maloney Senior, Public Health
Jake Mansfield Junior, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Brittany Marchie Senior, Early Childhood Education
Ian Marr Senior, Management
Madalynn Marrone Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Marlene Martinez Junior, Sociology
Paige Mason Senior, Musical Theater
Nicholas Masterson Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Rio Matsuura Non-degree seeking
Michael Mattox Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Steffanie May Senior, Elementary Education
Alexis Mayo Junior, Communication
Robert McCarthy Senior, Marketing
Regan McComb Sophomore, Recreation and Sport Management
Micah McCord Junior, Management
Cooper McCoy Freshman, Middle Level Education Pre-Major
Jeremy McDonald Sophomore, Recreation and Sport Management
Matthew McElgunn Senior, Marine Science
Kristina McGuinness Senior, Special Education Multi-Categorical
Rebecca McInnis Sophomore, Art Studio/Art History
Brooke McIntyre Sophomore, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Macy McIntyre Sophomore, History/Theatre
Holly McKee Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Courtney McKenna Senior, Accounting
Emily McKenzie Senior, Psychology
Erin McQuade Sophomore, Accounting Pre-Major
Charles Mealer Jr. Junior, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Olivia Meletes Senior, English
Nathan Melton Sophomore, Communication
Katherine Mendoza Senior, Early Childhood Education
Nathaniel Miesner Junior, Finance
Francesco Migliano Senior, Economics
Krystina Millar Junior, Sociology
Eric Miller Senior, Management
Brit Mingee Senior, Finance/Economics
Hailey Minten Sophomore, Sociology
Julianna Miro Sophomore, Undeclared
Kailey Mixer Senior, Musical Theater
Zachary Montou Junior, Theatre Arts
Jonathan Monts Senior, Finance
Melanie Monzo Sophomore, Special Education Multi-Categorical Premajor
Alexandra Moore Sophomore, Marketing Pre-Major
Devin Moore Junior, Finance
John Moore Sophomore, Marine Science
Christopher Moorman Junior, Marine Science
Kaitlin Morehead Senior, Psychology
Megan Morton Senior, Psychology
Matthew Mott Senior, Sociology
Henrik Muller Junior, Management
Allison Myers Sophomore, Music

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Sarah Navin Senior, English
Melissa Neal Junior, Marketing
Stephanie Nelson Senior, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Alexa Newall Sophomore, Early Childhood Education Pre-Major
Melissa Newhook Senior, Early Childhood Education
Milani Nicosia Sophomore, Biology
Zachariah Nixon Sophomore, Management Pre-Major
Avery Noel Senior, Sociology
Daina Noll Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Emily Norfolk Senior, Marketing
Madison Nowlin Junior, Intelligence and National Security Studies


Emily O'Beirne Non-degree seeking
Brooke O'Connell Junior, Early Childhood Education Pre-Major
Tyler O'Dell Sophomore, Recreation and Sport Management
Kerri O'Halloran Junior, Sociology
Michael O'Shea Senior, History
Yaicha Ocampo Junior, English/Philosophy
Devyn Olds Sophomore, Management Pre-Major/Finance
Nicholas Orr Senior, Marketing
Blake Osting Sophomore, Marketing
Erin Owens Senior, History
Thomas Owens III Junior, Theatre Arts

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Braxton Palmer Senior, Political Science
Dionne Parker Senior, Public Health
Shannon Parker Junior, English
Erin Paxton Senior, Musical Theater
Shaun Payne Post-undergraduate, Communication/Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management
Hannah Pecha Senior, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Emily Peiffer Senior, Theatre Arts
Kristen Pellegrino Sophomore, Art Studio
Stephen Penton Senior, Computer Science/Applied Mathematics
Shelby Peterson Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Avery Petschke Senior Psychology
Angel Pham Sophomore, Accounting Pre-Major
Amber Phelps Senior, Biology
Emaleigh Phillips Senior, Early Childhood Education
Hali Phillips Junior, Accounting Pre-Major
Madison Phillips Senior, Elementary Education
Dominic Piazza Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Lisa Pieterse Senior, Biology
Nicholas Pietri Senior, Sociology
Bryana Pilozzi Senior, Psychology
Nicole Pippo Junior, Communication
Claire Poeckes Senior, Political Science/Psychology
Alexa Poirier Senior, Marine Science
Rebecca Polaski Junior, Biochemistry
Kaitlyn Porter Sophomore, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Dara Potts Junior, Theatre Arts
Alexandra Poulos Senior, Computer Science/Applied Mathematics
Kaitlyn Powalie Senior, Psychology/Philosophy
Juden Powell Senior, Public Health
MacKenzie Prickett Senior, English
Nicole Pritchard Senior, Sociology
Bailey Provencal Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Caitlyn Puckhaber Sophomore, Special Education Multi-Categorical Pre-Major
Pamela Pysmennyi Senior, Political Science

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Anthony Rabon Junior, Computer Science
Amber Rahman Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Madison Rahner Senior, English
Quran Randall Senior, Marketing
Danielle Rapnikas Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Cassandra Ratliff Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Alexander Ratti Freshman, Public Health
Haley Ray Senior, Marine Science
Dorothy Reid Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Elizabeth Reid Senior, Marketing
Nicole Reisert Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Jason Renne II Junior, Communication
Adam Renshaw Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Anthony Renteria Mariano Freshman, Economics Pre-Major
Matthew Rentz Senior, Accounting
Hunter Reynolds Senior, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Lindsay Rhodunda Junior, Sociology
Courtney Rice Senior, Elementary Education
Jacob Rice Non-degree seeking
Joshua Richard Junior, History
Lexi Richardson Junior, Psychology
Kaitlyn Rick Senior, Management
Jesse Riehm Sophomore, Accounting Pre-Major
Sean Riordan Freshman, Communication
Alyssa Risner Junior, Biology-Preengineering
Kirsten Rivers Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Stephanie Roa Junior, Accounting
Emily Robbins Sophomore, Communication
Judith Roberto Junior, Sociology
Rebecca Roberts Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Richard Roberts Junior, Political Science
Madelynne Rodriguez Sophomore, Economics Pre-Major
Caroline Rogers Senior, Elementary Education
Maelyn Rogers Senior, Elementary Education
Tyler Rogers Junior, Accounting
Katelyn Rohrbach Senior, Psychology
Kayla Romanelli Sophomore, English/Digital Culture and Design
Lucille Romanik Senior, Art Studio/Psychology
Olivia Rose Senior, History
John Rossano Senior, Psychology
Emily Rossi Junior, Physical Education Pre-Major
Jane Rowe Senior, Public Health
Justin Rowell Post-undergraduate, Accounting Pre-Major
Courtney Rowles Senior, Communication
Katelyn Rudy Senior, Sociology
Katherine Rumrey Sophomore, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Taryn Russ Senior, Communication
Anca Rusu Sophomore, Applied Physics
Erin Ryan Junior, Sociology

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Sean Safko Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science
Lisa Saguto Senior, Marketing
Christy Salinari Sophomore, Political Science
Makelia Sanders Senior, Early Childhood Education
Joseph Santullo Junior, Finance Pre-Major
Keelin Sanz Senior, Musical Theatre
Jacob Sarver Junior, Finance
Cecily Sass Junior, Middle Level Education Pre-Major
Savannah Scarborough Senior, English
Emily Scheffler Senior, Special Education Multi-Categorical Pre-Major
Thomas Scheffler Senior, Management/Marketing
Kaitlin Schell Junior, English
Jocie Scherkenbach Junior, English
Albert Schliesleder Jr. Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Samantha Schoener Senior, Elementary Education
Madison Scholar Sophomore, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Eric Schroeder Senior, Management
Kierra Scipio Senior, Elementary Education
Gabrielle Sconyers Senior, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Whitney Seay Senior, Public Health
Anna Seidel Sophomore, Psychology
Alexis Setta Senior, Marine Science
Madalynn Seymour Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Elijah Shaw Senior, Marine Science
Olivia Sheets Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science
Jill Shelley Senior, Health Administration
Matthew Sherfey Junior, Sociology
Alicia Shirah Senior, Graphic Design
Garland Shrader Jr. Senior, Philosophy
Sean Sinski Senior, Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management
Miranda Skipper Junior, Early Childhood Education Pre-Major
Lyndsay Sklenka Senior, Political Science
Kristin Slovick Sophomore, Marketing Pre-Major
Sydney Smaldino Senior, Public Health
Adam Smith Senior, Computer Science
Brandon Smith Junior, Marketing Pre-Major
Dominique Smith Senior, Theatre Arts
Haley Smith Senior, Art Studio
Hannah Smith Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science
Hannah Smith Sophomore, Intelligence and National Security Studies
Lauren Smith Sophomore, Communication
Lori Smith Junior, Public Health
Mason Smith Junior, Engineering Science
Trace Smith Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Gabrielle Smychynsky Sophomore, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Alison Soles Senior, Biology
Cameron Sopa Freshman, Digital Culture and Design
Andrew Southard Sophomore, Accounting Pre-Major
Carolina Span Senior, Health Administration
Maria Sparacino Sophomore, Psychology
Elizabeth Spegar Senior, Middle Level Education
Robert Sperduto Senior, English
Joshua Squires Senior, Biochemistry
Madilyn Stanton Sophomore, Marine Science
David Staples Senior, Information Systems
Heidi Stephens Senior, Marine Science
Kallie Stephens Sophomore, Psychology
Hunter Stockton Sophomore, Middle Level Education Pre-Major
Caralyn Stolz Sophomore, Middle Level Education Pre-Major
Whitney Stowe Senior, Elementary Education
Matthew Strange Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Samantha Street Senior, Special Education Multi-Categorical
Alexa Stress Senior, Graphic Design
Christina Stryhal Sophomore, Undeclared
Tavia Sturgill Junior, Psychology
Mallory Suggs Senior, Special Education Multi-Categorical
Tyler Sullivan Senior, Applied Mathematics

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Tyler Ta Senior, Information Systems
Melinda Tapia Junior, Biochemistry
Nicholas Taskalos Sophomore, Marketing Pre-Major
Emilie-Katherine Tavernier Senior, Biology
Amy Abby Taylor Senior, Biology
Cameron Taylor Senior, Theatre Arts
Cody Taylor Senior, Theatre Arts
Erin Taylor Junior, Communication
Rachel Teichman Junior, Sociology
Nicholas Tester Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Lauren Thomas Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Madison Thomas Sophomore, English
Triston Thomas Sophomore, Recreation and Sport Management
Zachary Thomas Senior, English
Jenna Thompson Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science
Sean Timmons Senior, Information Technology
Carlie Todd Senior, Intelligence and National Security Studies/History
Emily Towne Sophomore, Accounting Pre-Major
Eleanor Townsend Non-degree seeking
Sydney Townsend Senior, Marketing
Nicole Tropauer Senior, Communication
Rylee Trotter Senior, Management
Walter Tucker Sophomore, Theatre Arts
Joel Turner Senior, Economics
John Turner Junior, History

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Karissa Uhrain Junior, Art Studio
Samantha Ulanski Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Connor Uptegrove Sophomore, Theatre/Communication


Alicia Valesey Senior, Management/Marketing
Katherine Vanderpool
Senior, Marine Science
Dallina Vera
Junior, Political Science
Texhane Vermande
Non-degree seeking
Reina Vierra Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science
Elizabeth Voigt
Junior, Marketing Pre-Major
Gina Vollaro
Senior, Public Health
Stephen Vukelic Jr.
Sophomore, Undeclared


Winter Wahid Senior, Marine Science
Alexa Rae Walker Junior, History
Keondra Walker Senior, Theatre Arts
Shaquelah Walters Senior, Psychology
Kevin Wambold Sophomore, Marketing Pre-Major
Qun Wang Sophomore, Finance Pre-Major
Christopher Ward Sophomore, Marketing Pre-Major
Hannah Wareheim Senior, Marine Science
Christopher Warner Sophomore, Political Science
Bendrea Washington Freshman, Biology
Savannah Watson Sophomore, Early Childhood Education Pre-Major
Marissa Webb Junior, Early Childhood Education Pre-Major
Joshua Westerhaus Sophomore, Computer Science
Nicholas Whaling Senior, Sociology
Tiffany Whisenant Junior, English
Amanda White Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies Pre-Major
Taylor White Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Kathryne Wilder Senior, Elementary Education
Logan Willeford Senior, Biology
Dawn Williams Senior, Management
Gillian Williams Sophomore, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Kayleigh Williams Senior, Early Childhood Education
Max Williams Senior, Information Systems
Michael Williams Junior, Economics Pre-Major
Ashby Williamson Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Marcus Williamson Senior, Recreation and Sport Management
Elizabeth Wilson Junior, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Hannah Wilson Sophomore, Musical Theater
Jessica Wilson Senior, Early Childhood Education
Hailey Wimmenauer Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science
Erica Winters Junior, Management
Paris Winters Senior, Marketing/Management
Austin Wise Sophomore, Applied Mathematics
Nicole Wiseman Senior, Communication
Kianna Witherspoon Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Catherine Witkowski Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science
Sydney Wittkop Senior, Exercise and Sport Science
Donnelly Wolf Junior, Marketing
Hannah Wolf Junior, Communication
Madison Wolf Junior, Economics
Matthew Wolfe Junior, Exercise and Sport Science
Anita Woodbury Senior, Elementary Education Pre-Major
Victoria Worley Senior, Political Science
Megan Worrell Senior, Early Childhood Education
Joseph Wrenn Junior, Accounting
Christopher Wright Jr. Senior, Music
Connor Wrightson Senior, Management


Jun Kai Xing Junior, Computer Science


Dylan Young Junior, Digital Culture and Design
Kasandra Young Senior, Communication
Lauren Young Senior, Management


Lucia Zats Sophomore, Communication
Sydney Zavadil
Senior, Communication
JongJie Zhang
Junior, Computer Science
Emily Zielonka
Senior, Marine Science/Biology
Sayer Zimmerman
Junior, Exercise and Sport Science

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