Doing Business with CCU

For outside vendors

Understanding Coastal Carolina University procurement policies can certainly be challenging. The following information is provided in hopes that the vendor community can familiarize themselves with how to do business with the University. If there are any additional questions or concerns, please contact Procurement Services.

About Procurement Services

Coastal Carolina University operates a centralized procurement and materials management system, which includes responsibility for purchasing, receiving and delivering the materials and services provided to the University community by vendors. Procurement Services' objective is to procure goods and services of acceptable quality, at the appropriate time, in an accurate quantity, at an economical price, from a valid source.  The Buyers Authorities form and the Procurement Certificate are available for viewing.

Office hours and appointments

Procurement Services is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday and Friday 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., except on University holidays. While appointments are not necessary, it is to the vendor's advantage to schedule an appointment with the appropriate procurement officer in advance so uninterrupted discussions may be held.

The procurement process

Purchase Requisitions are initiated by the using University department and are sent to Procurement Services within the ePro@ccu application. When received, each requisition is reviewed for compliance with all state and University procurement procedures as well as other University guidelines. The requisitions are then approved. A Purchase Order is then prepared and distributed to the vendor.


Coastal Carolina University utilizes an e-procurement package of solutions that enhances and streamlines many of the procurement processes of the institution. Included in this solution is an electronic sourcing or e-sourcing system which is used to conduct the bidding process, including the posting of solicitations, receipt of offers and bids, and posting of awards. 

Both existing University vendors, as well as potential bidders, will be required to be registered in this e-sourcing system to participate in bidding opportunities issued by the University. Registration can be completed by selecting the “Create Account” button at the following link:

            Coastal Carolina University Bidder Management Portal

The system will walk you through the steps and information necessary to complete your registration.   A supplier support link and telephone number are also available at that site if needed.

Direct contacts with departments

Direct discussions between the vendor's representative and potential users in the various University departments are acceptable. While Procurement Services does not expect the vendor's representative to coordinate visits through them, we do ask to be kept informed of potential sales that appear imminent. This enables a team approach to the purchase to ensure the user's needs are met, competitive bids are obtained, vendor requirements are considered and purchasing guidelines are followed. Vendors are cautioned that only Procurement Officers are authorized to issue written or confirm purchase orders and that those orders not in compliance with this procedure may result in delayed payments and/or the return of goods to the vendor.

Small Purchases

Orders not exceeding $10,000 may be purchased directly by University departments as long as certain internal procedures and requirements are met. Those purchases between $5,000 and $10,000 do require that the departments obtain at least two (2) additional quotes or price references. 

Procurements over $10,000

These purchases are handled by Procurement Services using the formal bid process and per a bid source selection method dictated by the South Carolina Procurement Code. A solicitation document is prepared that includes all the specifications for the product or service being sought. The solicitation is advertised in the South Carolina Business Opportunities online journal. Those solicitations that are estimated to have a total potential value in excess of the University's procurement certification limits are handled by South Carolina Procurement Services on the University’s behalf. 

Contracts for construction services

Solicitations for construction-related purchases are handled by the University's Office of Facilities Planning and Management.

Handling of Vendor Bids/Proposals

Responses to solicitations issued by Procurement Services are received electronically and therefore automatically dated within the electronic sourcing system. If a sealed bid process is stipulated in the solicitation, no bid response is opened until the designated opening date and time.

Late bids/proposals

As instructed in the solicitation, the electronic sourcing system will not accept bids or proposals after the designated opening date and time.

Notification of awards

For all solicitations awarded through Procurement Services, an award notification is posted at the location specified in the solicitation document which is generally the website and page noted in Solicitations and Awards. The following types of documents are used: 

  • Statement of Award for awards up to $50,000
  • Notice of Award for awards of $50,000 to $100,000
  • Notice of Intent To Award for awards of $100,000 or more

For awards of $50,000 or more, notice is sent to all bidders or offerors in addition to being posted. Generally, in situations where a Notice of Intent To Award is used, the award does not become effective for ten (10) days.

Payment terms

Generally, payment terms are those established by Section 11-35-45 of the South Carolina Procurement Code which provides that payment vouchers be processed within 30 working days after satisfactory receipt of goods or services and a correct invoice.

Sales tax

Coastal Carolina University is NOT exempt from paying sales tax.

Miscellaneous reminders

Nonresident taxpayers are required to register with the South Carolina Secretary of State or the South Carolina Department of Revenue. Please contact one of those offices with any questions.  

In most circumstances, a foreign corporation may not transact business in South Carolina until it obtains a certificate of authority from the South Carolina Secretary of State. Please contact that office for information.


On June 16, 2009, the South  Carolina General Assembly rewrote the law governing preferences available to in-state vendors, vendors using in-state subcontractors, and vendors selling in-state or U.S. end products. This law appears in Section 11-35-1524 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. A summary of the new preferences is available at the preferences must be claimed and are applied by line item, regardless of whether an award is made by item or lot. Vendors are cautioned to carefully review the statute before claiming any preferences. If a preference is requested, the vendor is certifying that the offer qualifies for the preference claimed. Improperly requesting a preference can have serious consequences.

Governing state law

By law, all purchases of goods and services shall be governed by the laws of the State of South Carolina.

Small and minority businesses

The South Carolina Division of Small and Minority Business Contracting and Certification (SMBCC) was created to assist small and minority businesses in the State of South Carolina. Please see that agency's website for additional and contact information.


The University will observe and adhere to all ethical standards in the procurement of goods and services. University personnel who are responsible for writing specifications, awarding contracts, making recommendations or who are in any way connected with requisitioning or procurement of equipment, supplies, and services used by the University, will not solicit nor accept, under any circumstances, any personal gifts, discounts, or gratuities, or personal travel, meal, or lodging expenses from a vendor, which might in any way influence the selection or purchase of such materials or services. Likewise, vendors who are doing or seeking to do business with the University are prohibited from offering or providing personal gifts, discounts, or gratuities, or personal travel, meal, or lodging expenses to University employees or officials, even if the expenses are incurred as part of the employee's or official's responsibility to inspect or observe the vendors products in operation unless such travel costs are specifically provided for in the procurement solicitation.

Please note: This page and other web pages on the Procurement Services website do not address all of the purchasing procedures of Coastal Carolina University and the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code. Purchasing policies and procedures may change from time to time and this website will be updated periodically. For any questions, contact Procurement Services.