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Forms & Links

Any time your organization would like to hold events (meetings, practices, games, etc.) on campus or off, this online form must be completed in full. The submitted form is directed to the Club Sports Office for approval and registration on the campus master calendar.  This procedure is accomplished through Coastal Connections.

Travel Procedures

When your club wants to travel, here's what to do EVERY trip more than 15 miles from campus:

  1. Step 1 - Log in to Coastal Connections and navigate to your organization's webpage. 

    Step 2 - Create an event under the events tab within your organization using the Event Registration form. 

    Step 3 - Follow all instructions through this process and submit the space request using link provided.

  2. Submit Travel Authorization (even if $0 requested).
  3. EACH participating member must have a signed Liability Waiver on file with the Club Sports Office. This is also done through Coastal Connections.
  4. If a University/Rental vehicle is needed, submit Vehicle Reservation Request.


Officials Invoice

New Vendor Application

Fundraiser Approval Form

Expense Settlement Form

Student Account Charge

2015-16 Code of Student Conduct

2015-16 Registered Student

Organization Handbook


On Campus Advisor

Off Campus Advisor

Administrative Links

2015-16 Club Sport Manual

Sample Constitution & Requirements


Travel Checklist

Personal Vehicle

Travel Authorization Form

South Carolina DMV

Approved CCU Driver Form‌ ‌

Vehicle Reservation Request

Transportation Rates

Travel Agreement

Secondary Insurance (AIG)

Civic Engagement & Volunteerism