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ChantFit 2023

Be Healthy, Lose Weight, Get Stronger!

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January 23 March 3, 2023

ChantFit is a 6-week health and fitness program that uses personal accountability and seeks to help you reach your goals.

Whether you want to Be Healthy, Lose Weight, or Get Stronger, we provide the encouragement, motivation and community to help you succeed!

Registration begins January 9th at the Welcome Desk in the HTC Student Recreation Center.

Program fees:  $85 (total value of program over $200 in training sessions alone)

Registration in person only.


Step #1: What are your goals?


Goal 1:  Are you looking into a live a

healthier lifestyle and become

more active in your day?


Goal 2: Have you wanted to

lose weight, but need

encouragment and

accountability to help you get



Goal 3: Looking for a challenge

or someone to push you to take

your workout to the next level?

Step #2: What type of

excercise are you currently doing?


Beginner: Uncertain about

what to do while inthe gym,

unfamiliar with equipment.


Intermediate: Somewhat

familar with equipment. 

Usually do the same thing every

time you come to the gym.

Advanced: Frequently the gym,

know how to use most

equipment, able to come up

with effective workouts on your


Step #3: Select a trainer based

on the times that work with 

your schedule.


Step #4:  Fill out registration

form to include the above

information as well as the

health history questionnaire.


Step #5:  You will be contacted

to set up a time for your Fitness

assessment the week of Jan 16-20.


Step #6:  Join us for a Chant Fit

trainer workout Saturday Jan 24

to kick off out program.


Fitness assessments:  Week of Jan 16-20.   

Your assigned trainer will contact you to sign up for a time.

CHANTFit Kickoff event:  Join us for a group workout to kick off the program, Saturday January 24 at 11am in Studio #2 at the HTC Student Recreation Center. 

We’ll workout together, provide program information and have a Q & A time.

CHANTFIT Client Participation & Expectations

 Each participant is expected to attend their scheduled workouts with their trainer twice weekly.  Each session you are expected to show up to your workout fueled and ready to move.  Each session is logged with your trainer.  If you meet with your trainer at least 10 sessions out of the 12 sessions scheduled, you will earn a ChantFit t-shirt and a chance to win FREE sessions to continue with your trainer after the program ends.

 By registering for this program, you have made a commitment with a trainer and they will be committed to you.  We ask that you do not contact your trainer at the last minute to cancel a session.  You may end up losing this session if it is last minute.  Trainers schedules are limited and to make up a missed session may not be possible.  It is your responsibility to give your trainer at least 24 hours notice if you will not be attending your upcoming session.

Trainers and Session Times Available for Registration

You will select only 1 day/time combination that works for your own personal schedule for the 6-week period. 

You will select these times when registration opens.  We will take first come, first serve for each of the time slots. 

Registration starts Monday Jan 9, 2023 at the HTC Student Recreation Center Welcome Desk. 

 Below are the times available to train for the program.  You will select these at the time of Registration.

picture of 23 SP Trainer Schedule for Chantfit