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Yoga Workshop with Day Christensen

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DAY1YOGA with Day Christensen

Day1 Yoga Workshop Rates
 Session PriceWeekend Price
Student Rate $20 $75
Faculty/Staff $40 $175
Community $55 $250

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‌Yoga sessions/workshop - March 29 – March 31, 2019

Weekend Schedule
Friday 6pm - 8pm Functional Movement for Strength and Mobility FOR ATHLETES
Saturday 10am - 12pm Guided Full Primary
Saturday 2pm - 4pm

Drills Part I

Sunday 9am - 11am MySore
Sunday 1pm - 3pm Drills Part II


Functional Movement for Strength and Mobility for Athletes (2 hours)


This is an active seminar designed to cover the bases of the main movement patterns in life and how we best develop strength, flexibility and overall control in our daily lives, while countering the effects of aging and stiffness in our chosen activities, all while avoiding injury. There will be plenty of room for discussion, questions, trail and demonstration. 

Guided Full Primary Series (2 hour)

A guided primary class is conducted while following specific Vinyasa counts and the names of each posture called in Sanskrit. Following the rhythm of the Vinyasa count is meant to develop physical strength and mobility, mental clarity, emotional calm and spiritual awakening. 

day1yoga, yoga, photo, imageJumping, Lifting, Floating, Flying (2 hour) 

This workshop is meant to explore ways to refind a seasoned practitioner's skills in yoga.  We will work through the main obstacles or "hidden locks" that prevent students from experiencing the lightness, grace and strength of a master.  We will work on various techniques for jump-throughs and jump backs, headstands, forearm stands, handstands and more.  This will be a fun, light-hearted class with lots of room for exploration, hands-on adjustments and questions.

Mysore (2 hour)

Mysore style is the traditional method taught by Srik Pattabhi Jois. Named after the small city where Guruji lived for much of his life. In this style, the method of Ashtanga Yoga is transmitted from the teacher directly to the individual student through physical adjustments and minimal verbal cueing. Gradually the student is able to commit to memory the series of postures and breaths that comprise the series. Once the student memorizes and becomes proficient at the pose, he/she is then taught the next pose, and on like that until the primary series is complete. Once primary series is complete and the student is firmly grounded in their techniques, he/she will move on to the next series. There are 6 series in the Ashtanga Yoga. 

Drills (1.5 hours)

Less talk, more action. Want to do a workshop that will challenge every part of your physical being, without getting to heady about it? This is a pure workout including exercises that Day has used to develop strength, skills, and control for some of the more challenging Vinyasas in the Ashtanga system. People always ask her “Is there anything I can do to get stronger at jump backs?” Her answer is “Yes! You can take this class”.

What to bring: Socks, a hand towel or bandana and water.