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Projected Cumulative GPA Calculator (with Repeat Forgiveness option)


To project your cumulative GPA

  • Enter your current "Total Graded Hours" and current "Cumulative GPA". (This information can be obtained from the 'Total Course / Grades Listing' screen on WebAdvisor. Scroll to the bottom of that screen and look for the 'Total Graded Hours' and 'Cumulative GPA field. For more information on using WebAdvisor, visit the WebAdvisor for Students Instruction pages.)
  • Enter the number of credits for each course you are currently taking.
  • Select the letter grade you expect to earn in each course.
  • Repeat forgiveness - For this section enter the number of credits and grades for any course that you anticipate to have forgiven using the 'Repetition of Course Work' policy. Do not enter data for courses that have already been forgiven since those changes would be reflected in the cumulative GPA you obtained from WebAdvisor.
  • Select "Calculate".
  • You will see your
    Projected Cumulative GPA (Show / Hide definition)
    Cumulative GPA is determined by dividing the Total Grade Points by the Total Graded Hours. This calculator provides projected Cumulative GPA based on the grades you enter.

    Total Grade Points (Show / Hide definition)
    Grade Points are calculated by multiplying the number of credit hours assigned to a course by the value of the grade earned in that course.

    Total Graded Hours (Show / Hide definition)
    Graded Hours is the sum of credit hours of all courses which have grade points assigned.

  • Select "Reset" to clear the projections.

Coastal Carolina University Grade Values (Show / Hide)
Grade Value of Grade (per credit)
A 4 grade points
B+ 3.5 grade points
B 3 grade points
C+ 2.5 grade points
C 2 grade points
D+ 1.5 grade points
D 1 grade point
F, WF 0 grade points
S, U, W, I, AUD No grade points assigned (will not affect GPA)

Total Graded Hours (Current)
Current Cumulative GPA
Enter No. of Credit(s)
for each course
(for current semester)
Select Letter Grade you are expecting
(for current semester)
Grade Points
(System Generated)
Repeat Forgiveness
Enter No. of Credit(s)
for each course you anticipate to have forgiven
Select Letter Grade you earned in the course
Grade Points
(System Generated)


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