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Grading Information


Grading via WebAdvisor

  • Access WebAdvisor and Log In (need more information)
  • Select 'Faculty'
  • Select 'Grading'
  • From the pull down menu, select a term. Click 'Submit'.
  • For the 'Final or Midterm/Intermediate Grading' drop-down box, make the appropriate selection ('Final' for end of term final grading, 'Midterm' for midterm grading). Choose the section that you want to grade by checking in the box next to it. Click 'Submit'.
  • Enter the grade in the field next to each student ID. Please make sure to enter a grade for every student; WebAdvisor will not warn you of missing grades. Click 'Submit' when you are done. You will be taken to a secondary page displaying the records you have just updated. When you have finished reviewing the records click 'OK' and you will be brought back to the Faculty Main Menu.
  • Faculty teaching 100 and 200 level courses are required to report the total number of absences (excused + unexcused) for a student. A hyphen (-) in the "Nbr Abs" field indicates that a number of absences is needed for that student. A zero (0) indicates that absence reporting is not needed for that student.
  • Repeat the grading process for every course section for the term.

IMPORTANT: WebAdvisor allows ten (10) minutes of ‘idle’ time between each click of the ‘Submit’ button. All grades that have not been successfully submitted will be lost if you are timed out. If necessary, please submit your grade roster in parts to avoid a loss of data.


Grade Legend

A | Excellent

B+ | Very Good

B | Good

C+ | Above Average

C | Average

D+ | Below Average

D | Poor

F | Failure ('Last Date Attended' must be entered; date must be within the term date ranges)

FX | Failure - Academic Dishonesty ('Last Date Attended' must be entered; date must be within the term date ranges)

NA | Never Attended (for Contract Courses ONLY, if a student 'Never Attended' this grade may be assigned)

S | Satisfactory (valid only when the student is registered for the course as Pass / Fail)

U | Unsatisfactory (valid only when the student is registered for the course as Pass / Fail also 'Last Date Attended' must be entered; date must be within the term date ranges)

I | Incomplete ('Expire Date' must be entered; see below for more information)



Grade of Incomplete / Expiration Dates

A grade of Incomplete (I), is assigned at the discretion of the instructor when, in the instructor’s judgment, a student is unable to complete some portion of the assigned work in a course because of an unanticipated illness, accident, work-related responsibility, or family hardship. An 'Expire Date' must be entered, which must be no later than the last day of classes for the NEXT major term. After the contractual expiration date, a grade of ‘I’ which has not been made up is permanently changed to a grade of ‘F’. Re-enrolling in the course will not make up an Incomplete.

The submission of an 'Assignment of Incomplete Grade' form to the Registrar’s Office must follow all Incomplete grades assigned. Forms are available at The expiration date that you have entered into the system MUST match the date on the 'Assignment of Incomplete Grade' form.

Important: In order for students to be eligible to graduate, all coursework (including incomplete coursework) must be completed by the last day of final examinations of the semester that the candidate has applied to graduate.


Posting of Grades

Any public posting of grades by student name, student identification number, or social security number without the student’s written permission is a violation of the FAMILY EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS AND PRIVACY ACT (federal privacy law). Even with names obscured, student identifier numbers are considered personally identifiable information. Therefore, grades must be posted only within the official sites of Datatel (WebAdvisor) and/or WebCT, which are secure, password protected sites.

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