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General questions regarding the Pass/Fail Grading Policy for Spring 2020 are below.

General FAQs

1. What do S/U Grades mean?

Should a student decide to switch course(s) to Satisfactory (S)/Unsatisfactory (U) grades, grades ranging from A-D will be converted to “S” and the grade of “F” will be converted to “U”. An “S” grade indicates credit is earned and a course is completed. An “S” grade will also satisfy completion requirements of a “C” or better for core, major, and minor classes. A “U” grade indicates no credit earned and a course is not completed.  Neither an “S” nor a “U” affects the grade point average. In both cases, the credits count as attempted credits.

2. Can I choose the S/U grading option for a Spring 2020 course?

Yes, CCU has elected to go to the optional S/U model due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 in the Spring 2020 semester.

3. Is the S/U option available for all students?

The option is available to all undergraduate and graduate students, with the exception of Scholars Academy students.

4. How do I request the S/U grading option?

Students will opt-in via an online link in WebAdvisor for one or more courses. The link will be available beginning May 9 through June 10, 2020.

5. Can I select S/U for just one course or do I have to select all my courses for an S/U grade?

You may select S/U on a course-by-course basis or you may choose to use S/U grading for all courses this semester. Students are permitted to take no more than eight courses on a Pass-Fail basis during their undergraduate career.

6. Will my professor know that I am taking the course for the S/U grade?

No, the professor will enter a letter grade the same as they normally would and then the student will opt to use S/U or keep the earned grade.

7. Will the S/U grade be available in future semesters?

This exigency policy is available only for Spring 2020.

8. Can I still ask my professor for an incomplete (I) grade?

Yes, incomplete grades will be managed based on the regular university policy.

9. How do I know if the S/U grade is the right option for me?

It’s best to discuss your particular situation with your academic advisor and the financial aid office to be sure you make the best possible decision.

10. Will I be able to move on to the next course in a sequence or in my major if I opt to use the S/U grade?

Yes, the “S” grade will satisfy pre-requisite requirements. For example, a student earns a “D” in MATH 130 which usually requires a “C” or better to move on to the next math course; however, the student opts to use the S/U grading which means that they will be able to move on to the next course.

11. I’m an intelligence and national security studies pre-major. Do I have to use the traditional grading and earn a “B” in order to be admitted to the major?

The “S” grade will satisfy this requirement for Spring 2020.

12. Who can I talk to if I’m completely lost?

Academic Advisors and Financial Aid ad Scholarships counselors are here for you. Reach out to your academic advisor. Many advisors are working remotely and can be contacted through email. Financial Aid and Scholarships counselors can be reached remotely at 843-349-2313 or

13. I'm an honor student, will my class count toward honors if I select S/U grading and earn an "S"?

Yes, the "S" grade will satisfy honor requirements this semester.

14. Can I use S/U grading for my Wintermester or Spring I class in 20/SP?

No, both Wintermester and Spring I were complete when the University moved online so these terms are not eligible for S/U grading.

15. How will the new grade appear on my transcript?

The grade will appear as either "S" or "U" on your official transcript; however, it will show as either "SC" or "UC" on your unofficial transcript and program evaluation.