GPA Implications FAQs - Coastal Carolina University
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Questions regarding GPA Implications for Spring 2020 are below.

1. How will the S/U grade impact my GPA?

Courses graded on the S/U model will not impact GPA. For example, if your cumulative GPA at the end of Fall 2019 was 3.20 and you select the S/U model for all courses in Spring 2020, then your cumulative GPA will still be 3.20.

2. How does the S/U grade impact my academic standing?

The S/U grade does not impact GPA and therefore will not impact academic standing. Academic standing will only be changed based on courses graded on the traditional A-F scale.

3. Will I still be able to make the president’s list or dean’s list with S/U grades?

Possibly. To be eligible for president’s list or dean’s list a student must earn 12 regularly graded credits and meet the GPA requirements. This means that you may elect S/U on a course and still make the list as long as you still meet the requirements with 12 remaining credits.

4. How can I calculate my CCU GPA?

Students may use the “Cum GPA Calculator” under the “Academic Planning” section on WebAdvisor to assist in calculating their cumulative CCU GPA.

5. Who can I talk to if I’m completely lost?

Academic advisors and Financial Aid and Scholarships counselors are here for you. Reach out to your academic advisor. Many advisors are working remotely and can be contacted through email. Financial Aid and Scholarships counselors can be reached remotely at 843-349-2313 or