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WebAdvisor for CCU Students

How Do I...

Access WebAdvisor?

Access WebAdvisor directly at http://webadvisor.coastal.edu. Click on the 'Log In' tab to enter your username and password. Then select your point of entry from the WebAdvisor Main Menu (ex. 'Students', 'Faculty', etc.)

Log in to WebAdvisor?

You will need your username and password to log in. Your username and password are the same ones you use for your CCU email. If you do not know these, access the Account Lookup page at https://www.coastal.edu/search/pin/ and you will be guided through the lookup process. This link will also provide you with your CCU ID number.

Register for Classes?

Select 'Students.'

You can now use the various options under the 'Registration Menu' to search and register for classes/sections.

Search for Sections

To search for sections, click on 'Search for Sections'. Search for Sections will enable you to view available Course Sections. You will be able to limit your search by term, subject, course level, course number, section, meeting days and times, course title, locations/sections (Myrtle Beach classes, Fall II classes, etc.), academic level or instructor's last name.

    • First specify the term or start and end dates. Term Dates or start and end dates MUST always be specified.
  • Next specify the subject, course level, etc. At least two fields must be specified.
  • Click on the Submit button and all available Course Sections matching the criteria you selected will be displayed.
  • You can NOT register for Course Sections on this menu. To register for Course Sections, you must click on Register for Sections.

Register for Sections

To register for Course Sections, click on Register for Sections.
A. Adding Course Sections to the Preferred Sections List. You can add Course Sections to your Preferred Sections List via 'Search and Register' or 'Express Registration'

    • If you do NOT know the exact subject, course number, and section of the course sections for which you plan to register, you can then click on 'Search and Register for Sections'. You will be able to limit your search by term, subject, course level, meeting days and times, locations/sections (Myrtle Beach classes, Fall II, etc.), academic level, or instructor's last name. Click on the Submit button. Once the course sections display that meet your criteria, you can select the course sections for which you would like to register by checking the boxes next to them. Click Submit at the bottom of the screen to add your selections to your Preferred Sections List.
    • If you know the exact subject, course number and section number for the Course Sections for which you wish to register, you can then select 'Express Registration'. You can register for a course section by simply entering the course subject, course number and section (i.e. MATH 100 01) and the appropriate term that you are registering for (i.e., Fall 2018). Once you have entered all the Course Sections you plan to take, you can click on the Submit button at the bottom of the screen. This would add the entered Course Sections to your Preferred Sections List.

B. Registering for Course Sections in your Preferred Sections List
After selecting Course Sections using ‘Search and Register’ or ‘Express Registration’ you should complete the process by registering for the Course Sections added to your Preferred Sections List. 
You could choose to:

    • Register for all Course Sections in this list by using the ‘Action for ALL Preferred Sections’ option.
    • If you use the ‘Action for ALL Pref. Sections’ you can choose to select an option for the ‘If one of my choices is not available’ drop down near the end of the page. The two choices here are ‘Allow me to adjust all’ or ‘Complete only available’.
    • ‘Allow me to adjust all’ - Choosing this will complete the registration process only if all registration attempts pass successfully. If one registration fails, all fail. Example: You choose to register for two Course Sections at once. You have not met the pre-requisites for the first Course Section. Then both registrations fail; i.e. you are not registered for the second Course Section either. In such a scenario you should try to register for the second Course Section again.
    • ‘Complete only available’ - Choosing this option will complete the registration process for all successful Course Sections and will give error messages for the rest. Example: You choose to register for two Course Sections at once. You have not met the pre-requisites for the first Course Section. Now, you will get registered for the second Course Section but will get an error message indicating that registration in the first Course Section was unsuccessful.
    • Register for one Course Section at a time by choosing an 'Action' from the drop down next to each Course Section.

After a successful registration attempt, a new screen will show the result(s) of your registration attempt. All of the processed requests and the Course Sections that you are currently registered for will be displayed. Please note that this will include courses from the current semester and will NOT be limited just to the Course Sections for which you are currently registering.

If you register via WebAdvisor, you will NOT receive a printed course confirmation from the Office of the Registrar. You can obtain a confirmation by returning to WebAdvisor’s Main Menu and selecting My Class Schedule. You can use your browser’s print function to print a confirmation of your course schedule by term.

If you would like to register for a Course Section on an Audit or Pass/Fail basis, you will need to contact your academic department to obtain authorization. You must register within the academic department, not via WebAdvisor for Audit and/or Pass/Fail Course Sections.

Special Permissions - Academic Overload and Instructor’s Consent must be granted electronically by your academic department prior to registering online.

Drop a Class in WebAdvisor?

To drop Course Sections, click on Drop Sections. Then, select the Course Section(s) you wish to drop by checking the box next to it. (Please note that you can also add a Course Section(s) at the same time as dropping another. The Course Section(s) that you need to add should be in your Preferred Sections List.) Then click the Submit button. A new screen will show you the result of your drop(s) and add(s).
Special Note: In order to process a total University Withdrawal, you will need to email withdraw@coastal.edu directly from your CCU email account.

Add myself to a waitlist in WebAdvisor?

Some departments offer waitlisting as an option when sections have reached their enrollment capacity.  For sections that allow waitlisting, you can add yourself to the waitlist for a closed section by selecting the “Waitlist” option in your Preferred Sections dropdown menu (see Register for Classes? section above for more information about how to add a section to your preferred section).

Waitlists work by creating a list of students who would like to enroll in a given section, and as seats become available in a section with an active waitlist, those seats are offered to students on the waitlist in the order they were added to the waitlist.

To receive a seat from the waitlist, you must be fully able to register for that course other than it being at capacity.  This means that you cannot have any holds or pre-requisite deficits that would otherwise prevent you from registering normally.  If you do, the waitlist will skip you and proceed to the next person on the list.

Sections that are on a waitlist will be listed as such in the section status field.

Each night, the waitlist will process any available seats and offer them to students on the waitlist, in order.  If the system attempts to register you for a section for which you are on the waitlist, you will receive one of two communications.  Either the system will successfully enroll you from the waitlist, or there will be something preventing your enrollment.  Either way, you will receive an email detailing the action and what, if anything, you should do.  Click the links below for samples of the email communications.

Successful Enrollment Attempt Email Sample

Unsuccessful Enrollment Attempt Email Sample

View My Class Schedule?

To view your Class Schedule, click on My Class Schedule. Select the appropriate term and click Submit. You can use your browser's print function to print your schedule.

Evaluate My Program?

Program Evaluation offers the ability to monitor your academic progress toward your degree requirements. It also enables you to see how much of your current academic record would apply to a prospective program in a 'what-if' scenario.
For instructions on using 'Program Evaluation' and interpretation of the report, please access the Program Evaluation Information flyer.

Program Evaluation (via WebAdvisor) reflects only the primary major. For a Program Evaluation report of additional major/s and/or for minor or specializations, visit your Academic Department and see your adviser.

Testing a New Catalog

What happens if I change my major?

Run an Evaluation without Planned Courses

Apply for Graduation?

Applying for graduation is an electronic process through WebAdvisor. Please visit here for more information. 

View Total Grades Listing?

From the pull down menu, select the Transcript Type (i.e., Undergraduate, Graduate). Click on the Submit button.
This screen will display a total listing of all courses taken at Coastal Carolina University and your Total Earned Credits, Total Grade Points, Total Graded Hours and Cumulative GPA.

View Interim Grades?

Click in the appropriate box for the term you wish to view. Select the Academic Level (i.e., Undergraduate, Graduate). Click on the Submit button.
This screen will display the Term, Midterm GPA, and a list of all courses along with the midterm grades and credit hours.
Note: Interim grades are assigned to select students only (others will see 'No Grade' for all courses). Interim grades are assigned for regular semester courses; Fall I, Spring I, etc type courses are excluded. Interim GPA is based on courses with grades of A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D, F, S, and U only. Interim Grades do not affect official GPA. ONLY FINAL GRADES AFFECT OFFICIAL GPA. Additionally, instructors will report the number of absences, both excused and unexcused, for the student.

View and Edit My Academic Profile?

Academic Standing

This screen will display a historical view of your Academic Standing record in descending order by the term for which each was posted. Please see the University Catalog for a detailed definition of academic standings.

Enrollment Verification

Click here to check your enrollment verification. 

Transcript Request

Click here to request a copy of your transcripts.

Transcript Request Status

Confirm the status of transcript requests made to Coastal Carolina University. This screen will display the date on which the requested transcript was produced.

Test Summary

Test Summary will enable you to view a display of Admissions Tests, Placement Tests and/or any other tests you may have completed and reported to CCU.

My Profile

Students can view their personal (name, address, phone number, emergency contact, etc.) and academic (adviser information, academic program, academic standing, etc.) information using the 'My Profile' option via WebAdvisor.

View Hold and Restrictions?

The 'View Holds / Restrictions' screen form displays your active holds. Holds are placed on a student's record by various offices across campus. Some holds prevent you from viewing grades and transcript information, and some prevent you from registering or dropping classes.
For more information on any holds, please contact the appropriate office associated with the hold.

ADM - Admission's Office (843-349-2026) 
BRS - Bursar's Office (843-349-2067) 
FIN - Financial Aid Office (843-349-2313) 
REG - Registrar's Office (843-349-2019) 
RO - Retention Office (843-349-2934) 
UAC - University Academic Center (843-349-2934) 

Use Communication Methods in WebAdvisor?

My Documents

Use the 'My Documents' screen to view a list of the documents expected to be received from you, has been received, or has been waived.
For more information on any documents, please contact the appropriate office associated with the document.

Email My Advisor(s)

The 'Email My Advisor(s)' form allows you to email your advisor(s) while copying additional recipients.
Check on the 'Send To' checkbox for the advisor(s) you want the message sent to.
Include any additional email addresses in the 'Additional Sent To E-mail addresses' textbox.
Enter your 'Subject' and 'Email Text' and click 'Submit' to send the message.

Change my Address?

In order to change your address on file, please submit a Student Address Update form (here) to the Office of the Registrar. 

Use E-Advising?

E-Advising provides an integrated approach for registration through WebAdvisor; it allows advisors and advisees to plan and register for requirements as they relate to the student’s overall educational goals.

- Is based on the student’s Program Evaluation report, which contains all of the courses required for a student’s degree program;

- Shows which degree requirements have been completed so the student can target the courses still needed;

- Is based on the concept of a course planning worksheet. The worksheet is shared between the student and the adviser;

- The student builds the worksheet by selecting “e-Advising” in WebAdvisor, and then either the “Course Planning Wizard” or “Create/Add to Worksheet”;

- Once built, students email their adviser using the “E-Mail Advisor(s)” option;

- After the student’s plan has been approved by the adviser and the adviser lifts the student’s advisement hold, the student can use e-Advising’s “Register” option to register from the planned courses (during his/her registration appointment time).

Accessing the e-Advising module

To access the e-Advising module, click on the ‘eAdvising’ link under the ‘Academic Planning’ menu on the WebAdvisor for Students main menu.

Repeat Forgiveness?

Students are eligible for repeat forgiveness for up to 13 undergraduate credits during their enrollment at Coastal Carolina University for courses taken at Coastal Carolina University. For credits granted under this option, Coastal Carolina University will exclude the grade and credit hours earned for the prior enrollment in the course when calculating the student’s cumulative GPA and earned credit hours. Both grades will appear on the transcript. Only course grades of C, D, D+, F, or WF are eligible for repeat forgiveness. Repeat forgiveness is not available for courses in which the student received a CX, D+X, DX, or FX grade. Special topic courses taken under different titles are not eligible for repeat forgiveness. Students should be aware that professional schools, graduate programs, and future employers may apply their own criteria that may not recognize a repeat forgiveness option in evaluating credentials for prospective students and employees. Repeat forgiveness is processed after the “W” period for a given term. Students may elect not to receive repeat forgiveness.

How to Opt-out of repeat forgiveness

Click here to learn more about how to Opt-out of Repeat Forgiveness.

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