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Waitlisting Sample Emails


This message is to confirm that a seat became available in:


Section: [Section Name]

Section Title: [Section Title]

Term: [Term]


Since you placed yourself on a waitlist for that course section, and

you were the next person in line for a seat, you have been

automatically enrolled. 


Please review your new schedule, and work with your Academic

Adviser, to determine if there are any additional adjustments that

will need to be made as a result of this action.


The Office of the Registrar






Important: Action from you is required.


This is to notify you that a seat became available in a course you

were waitlisted in:


Section: [Section Name]

Section Title: [Section Title]

Term: [Term]


Although you were the next available person on the waitlist, when

the system attempted to register you, the attempt was unsuccessful

due to an issue that prevented registration.


Even though you missed the opportunity to gain entry this time, you

will be given one more opportunity to gain entry (should another

seat become available).


Your position on the waitlist will remain the same, but only until

your next unsuccessful waitlist registration attempt. After that

occurs, you will be removed from the waitlist.


Therefore, it is critical that you act now to resolve any

registration issues before another seat may open up. Check your

WebAdvisor account to see if you have any holds that prevent

registration, and contact your academic adviser if you have any

additional questions.


Some of the typical issues that prevent registration include:


* Having a hold on your account (financial, registration, records

  related, advisement, holds that limit hours, etc.).

  You can view your hold(s) using WebAdvisor's "View Person

  Holds/Restrictions" menu.


* Not having the prerequisites or corequisites required for entry  

  into the waitlisted course.


* Having already placed out of the course by placement examination


* The registration would have created an academic overload. 


* Having already taken, or being currently registered for, another

  section of the same course (students may elect to either join a  

  waitlist, or register in another section of a course, but cannot

  do both).


Please do not respond directly to this email.




The Office of the Registrar


(843) 349-2019