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WebAdvisor Communication

Access WebAdvisor and Log In (need more information)
Select 'Students'

You can now use the various options under the 'Communication' Menu.


View Holds / Restrictions

The 'View Holds / Restrictions' screen form displays your active holds. Holds are placed on a student's record by various offices across campus. Some holds prevent you from viewing grades and transcript information, and some prevent you from registering or dropping classes.

For more information on any holds, please contact the appropriate office associated with the hold.

ADM - Admission's Office (843-349-2026)
BRS - Bursar's Office (843-349-2067)
FIN - Financial Aid Office (843-349-2313)
REG - Registrar's Office (843-349-2019)
RO - Retention Office (843-349-2934)
UAC - University Academic Center (843-349-2934)


My Documents

Use the 'My Documents' screen to view a list of the documents expected to be received from you, has been received, or has been waived.

For more information on any documents, please contact the appropriate office associated with the document.


Email My Advisor(s)

The 'Email My Advisor(s)' form allows you to email your advisor(s) while copying additional recipients.

  • Check on the 'Send To' checkbox for the advisor(s) you want the message sent to.
  • Include any additional email addresses in the 'Additional Sent To E-mail addresses' textbox.
  • Enter your 'Subject' and 'Email Text' and click 'Submit' to send the message.

Address Change

In order to change your address on file please submit a Student Address Update form (here) to the Office of the Registrar. 


Untitled Document PDF documents require the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) to view. Get Acrobat Reader

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