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Create An Event

Note: In 25Live you can look up and schedule events but not classes. Those are scheduled by the registrar's office and roomed automatically by Schedule 25. Google Chrome is the recommended browser. Internet Explorer cannot be used.

  1. Sign into 25Live. You will be either on the Dashboard or the Calendar view. Choose the Dashboard view.
    Create Event Step 1 Image
  2. Click on the Create an Event button.
    Create Event Step 2
    The Event Creation Wizard will open:
    Create Event Step 3 Image

    NOTE: All fields with a red asterisk must be completed

  3. Fill out the fields A-Q to request scheduling of an event.
    A. Enter an Event Name. The event name cannot have abbreviations or names. (40 character limit)
    Create Event Step 4 Image
    B. Optionally enter an Event Title. This should not be the same as the event name. The event title is for when you have an event that has several different sections. (EX. Name: Orientation, Title: Welcome)
    Create Event Step 5 Image
    C. Select an Event Type
    Create Event Step 6 Image
    D. Select a Primary Organization
    Create Event Step 7 Image

    E. Optionally Select Additional Organizations. These are co-sponsoring your event.
    Create Event Step 8 Image
    F. Enter the Expected Head Count.
    Create Event Step 9 Image

    G. Enter the Registered Head Count.
    Create Event Step 10 Image

    H. Enter a brief description of the event. This will be published on calendar feeds.Create Event Step 11 Image
    I. Determine if the event has more than one occurance. All occurances must be scheduled at the same time.
    Create Event Step 12 Image
    J. Set the Event Date and Time. Choose the start and end date/time of the first occurence.
    Creating Event Step 13 Image

    K. Search for the Locations where you would like your event to be held. If you know where you are holding your event you can Search by Location Name. If you need to search for a location, choose Saved Searches.
    Create Event Step 14 Image

    L. Search and select any physical audio visual resources you need for the event (AV).
    Create Event Step 15
    M. Answer all Mandatory Questions.
    Create Event Step 16

    N. If requesting event on behalf of someone else, indicate this with the Requested For field.
    Create Event Step 17 Image
    O. Use Event Comments to add any setup direction or additional event details that may be helpful to the successful completion of the event.
    Create Event Step 18 image
    P. Check mark I Agree to confirm the following statement:
    I acknowledge that I have accurately completed this event request to the best of my ability. I understand that this is only a request, and my event is not confirmed until I have received a confirmation email from the Office of Scheduling & Space Management. I also understand that my resource request is not confirmed until I receive a confirmation email from the respected office.
    Q. Click on the save button to submit your request

Congratulations. You have successfully submitted an event request. 25Live will display "This event has been successfully submitted for review by Scheduling and Space Management." You can star the event for easier and quicker access to it in the future.