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Major/Career Questions

I think I want to change my major, but I’m not sure. What do I do?

If you are considering a major change, you should let your current adviser know, and utilize the Office of Career Services, whose career counselors are greatly helpful for students considering a major change; to make an appointment call 843-349-2341. Conducting your own research on other academic departments and majors before you meet with your adviser and/or Career Services is advised.

Students who are interested in changing their major need to submit the electronic "Change of Academic Program Form" and they can access it here: Student forms  The same "Change of Academic Program Form" is used to change a concentration/specialization, or add or change a minor.

What is a minor and do I have to have one?

A minor is a specialization in something other than your major. Minors typically require between 18 and 24 credits of additional coursework, or six to eight additional courses. Some majors have minors or cognates built into their curriculum, so you are required to choose one. Some majors do not. You should consult your adviser and the University Catalog for more information on minors.

Should I try to take all of my Core Curriculum courses done before I start on my major courses?

Not necessarily. It is smart to wait on taking some Core Curriculum courses so that you can combine these with upper level major courses later on in your educational path. While it might seem ideal to "get these courses out of the way," you could slow the progression through your major courses if your main focus is on completing core classes. Consult with your adviser each semester about how to break down your schedule.