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What does it mean to drop a course?

If we are more than one week into the semester and you are doing poorly in a course, you have the option of dropping the course. As long as you drop the course by the deadline within the time frame allowed (before the first 2/3 of the semester is over), you will receive a grade of W on your transcript for the course. This does not affect your GPA, but appears on your transcript as a course drop. If you are considering dropping a course, consult your adviser.

Things to be aware of if you are considering dropping a course:

- Success in both math and science classes is critical for progress toward your College of Science degree. If you choose to drop a math or science class, you will still be advised to retake the course during the next semester (in most cases) in order to make timely progress toward your degree.

- Dropping a course can affect your financial aid (including loans, scholarships, grants, etc.) so you should check with Financial Aid and Scholarships to find out if and how dropping a course may impact your financial aid.