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What is my GPA?

Two different GPAs are calculated for you each semester once final grades come out. One is your semester GPA, and one is your cumulative GPA. Semester GPA is a combination of all grades in courses from that semester only. Cumulative GPA is a combination of all grades across semesters, for however long you have been at CCU.

Grade Point Average

The Grade Point Average is determined by dividing the total number of Grade Points by the total number of Grade Hours.

GPA = (Grade Points) ÷ (Grade Hours)

Grade Points are calculated by multiplying the number of credit hours assigned to a course by the value of the grade earned in the course.

Earned Grade Grade Value
A 4.0
B+ 3.5
B 3.0
C+ 2.5
C 2.0
D+ 1.5
D 1.0
F 0.0
WF 0.0
Fx 0.0

Grade Hours are calculated by adding the credit hours of all courses with an earned grade.

Only grades of A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D, F, WF, and Fx are used in the calculation of Grade Hours, Grade Points, and the Grade Point Average. Grades of I, S, U, W, and AUD do not affect Grade Point Average.