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Life Curriculum

Below are a list of courses LIFE Students complete during their four years in the program.

LIFE Core Curriculum

Students practice Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum (WaRaC), where students engage with written and reading assignment throughout the LIFE Program Curriculum. WaRaC promotes experiential learning and practical applications of writing and reading, as each course is focused on promoting and reinforcing individual living skills. 

Students also take courses throughout the colleges and programs offered at Coastal Carolina University, and more information on those courses can be found here on the Academics page. 


Freshman LIFE:

  • LIFE102 - Career Awareness I
  • LIFE110 - Feshman Practicum I
  • LIFE112 - Managing Personal Finances
  • LIFE121 - Independant Study
  • LIFE152 - Applied Math I
  • LIFE181 - Developing Self Advocacy

Sophmore LIFE:

  • LIFE203 - Citizen Rights and Responsibilities
  • LIFE206 - Sophmore Practicum II
  • LIFE212 - Exploring Community Access
  • LIFE216 - Independant Study
  • LIFE252 - Applied Math II
  • LIFE282 - Employment Experience I

Junior LIFE:

  • LIFE303 - Disability Rights in US Government
  • LIFE306 - Junior Practicum III
  • LIFE312 - Building Self Resilience
  • LIFE315 - Independant Study
  • LIFE352 - Applied Math III
  • LIFE381 - Junior Internship
  • LIFE383 - Developing Career Relationship

Senior LIFE:

  • LIFE406 - Senior Practicum
  • LIFE412 - Community Living Lab
  • LIFE482 - Senior Internship II
  • LIFE483 - Employment Success Skills


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