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Transfer Students

Welcome to Coastal Carolina University! Each year we welcome transfer students into the Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences. The Center for Excellence and Student Success is dedicated to helping transfer students seamlessly into our community and programs. Below are valuable resources designed to help transfer students effectively prepare for their journey at CCU! Please visit us in Prince 213 anytime!

Transcript Status Check Instructions

To check if your transcript has been received by Coastal Carolina University, you may do one or both of the following:

  • Go to → Log in → Click Applicant Tab →Application Status.
  • Go to → Log in → Click Student Tab → Under Academic Planning click Transfer Equivalency Report.

 Extra Costs for Education Majors  

1. Assessment technology software fee - $125
2. Testing fees are as follows:
a. Core Academic Skills Praxis I - $150 for combined test or $90 for each individual test. Must be exempted or pass Praxis I before being accepted into the Professional Teacher Educator Program.
b. Praxis II - $60-$170 depending on the test selected. Must be passed before approval for internship.
c. Praxis II PLT - $146. Must be passed before being recommended for licensure.
3. SLED background check - $25 each time. Must be completed first semester freshman year or at time of transfer and then at entrance into the Professional Teacher Educator Program.
4. Fingerprint and background check processing fees – Current cost - $50.50
a.Fingerprint processing is completed through a company contracted with the state Department of Education.
b.Fingerprinting processed during Junior II block. The results are only accepted for an 18-month period and should not be processed until notification is sent to the student by their adviser.
5. South Carolina Department of Education Licensure Application fee - $105
a.Applications are sent to the South Carolina Department of Education during Junior II block.
b.Fee currently $105 (due June 1 for spring internship. Due Feb. 1 for fall internship).
6. TB Test Clearance Fee- $35-$60
a. Amounts vary and are dependent on where the TB test is administered.
b. Cleared TB test to be submitted with internal internship application during Senior I block. All early childhood education majors must submit cleared TB results at entrance into the Professional Teacher Educator Program. TB test cleared results are good for a three-year block of time ending at the end of the internship term.
7. Professional Wardrobe - $100+
a. All SCESS students are expected to wear professional attire any time they are representing the Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences. This applies to all practicums,internships and mentoring experiences. Professional clothing is expected during freshman year.

8.Graduation Fee - $35
a.This fee should be paid during Senior I block.