Internship - Coastal Carolina University
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The final clinical field-based experience (the internship) is the capstone of our Professional Program in Teacher Education. At the internship level, interns meld the theoretical and practical knowledge of classroom instruction with professional behaviors. Interns have the opportunity to explore, investigate, grow, and develop through the internship.

Interns must be able to apply their knowledge of learners and learning in the classroom by successfully working with students as full participating members of a professional school community.

Expectations for interns include the ability to:

  • design sequential objectives and strategies based on state and local standards,
  • analyze his or her own teaching methods in comparison with student achievement to ensure that standards are met,
  • plan and deliver instruction, within the school setting, with consideration given to individual background and learning style of the individual student, and
  • assume the role of a professional educator, working productively with his or her mentors.

Finally, the internship represents an all-important exit point in the program. The internship serves as the final check of both student quality and program effectiveness.