University Supervisors - Coastal Carolina University
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Roles and Responsibilities of University Supervisors

The university supervisor is a program or adjunct faculty member of Coastal Carolina University with expertise and personal experience in the candidate’s educational program. He or she shares the responsibility for the professional growth of the candidate during the internship with the cooperating teacher. The university supervisor serves as a liaison between the school and the university. The university supervisor has the following general responsibilities.

  • Make contact with the intern before the internship begins. Give the intern your contact information and answer any questions that he or she may have.

  • Make contact with the cooperating teacher during the first week of the internship.  Give the cooperating teacher your contact information and answer any questions that he or she may have.

  • Attend the orientation and training seminars specifically designed for university supervisors.

  • Inform the cooperating teacher of all university procedures and expectations for the internship and explain all required documents.

  • Make yourself available to the cooperating teacher and the intern to use as resource.

  • Serve as the “first point of contact” when/if there are issues with the intern in the public school.

  • In consultation with the cooperating teacher and the intern, review established dates for the internship.

  • Formally observe the intern not less than four times (two times before the formative conference and two times between the formative and summative conference).

  • Conduct additional observations as needed to address issues covered by an Intern Improvement Plan or a request from either the cooperating teacher or the intern.

  • Complete the required written observation forms after every observation. The written form should list the strengths as well as the weaknesses and specific strategies for improvement of any weaknesses. Provide thorough oral and written feedback and make suggestions to improve practice using the language from the Expanded ADEPT SCTS 4.0 Rubric.

  • Input required evaluations using the links provided by the established due dates.

  • Counsel the intern on professional issues related to his or her specific teaching experience and to the general area of education.

  • Submit internship folders and mileage reimbursement to Tanja Warren within one week of the conclusion of the internship.

  • Collaborate with the cooperating teacher to assign a final grade of S or U for the internship.